Cornbread taco pie

A few months back I tried to make something out of an old cookbook of my mama’s; it was similar to this but used polenta and unseasoned ground beef. It was… dismal. So last night I decided to make up my own version. Success! SO tasty and good gravy it smelled amazing. The Yankee ate three helpings for supper; this counts as a thumbs-up, no?

Cornbread taco pie


  • One pound ground beef
  • One packet taco seasoning
  • Water
  • One cup shredded cheese (I used cheddar)
  • One box Jiffy corn muffin mix
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 2 eggs


  1. Preheat the oven to 400F
  2. In a deep skillet (I obviously used cast iron) brown up and drain the ground beef; add in taco seasoning and 2/3 cup water and let it simmer (i.e. follow directions on taco seasoning packet)
  3. Mix up Jiffy cornbread according to package directions, but use two eggs instead of one to give yourself a little extra batter
  4. Turn off the heat under the ground beef and sprinkle on shredded cheese; spread cornbread batter over the top and bake at 400F for about 15-20 minutes or until cornbread is lightly browned on top

That’s it! This is perfect for a quick fall supper that tastes like you put hours of work into it. So warm and filling without you actually having to stand over the stove forever and a day. What’s not to love?

Disclaimer: Jiffy cornbread does not know that I exist; I just love the stuff.

6 thoughts on “Cornbread taco pie

  1. I freakin’ love Jiffy cornbread! My hubby will love this dish & it’s great weeknight supper idea when I don’t have much time (or energy) to cook!

  2. Congrats on being a Foodie Blog Roll featured blogger this week 🙂
    And I struggle with posting food like this, too, the ones that will never look as fabulous as they taste! This recipe sounds amazing!

  3. I made this last night. I added:
    chopped & sauteed onions & jalapenos to the meat mixture. I also added niblet corn, chopped jalapenos and cheese to the Jiffy mix batter. It was delicious.

    I like spicy, can you tell. I cooked it all on my Big Green Egg. Man was that good. Thanks for the recipe.


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