Two step cupcakes

In the fall of 2002 we sat down in our cellblock seats at a Predators game and said hi to the couple sitting next to us.

Fast forward almost ten (!) years, and we’re still friends with that awesome couple. The fact that Tracy brings me cupcakes when she comes to visit sure doesn’t hurt that friendship. I’m just sayin.

She brought me these and I am just fascinated by them!

Two step cupcakes


  • One box cake mix
  • One can of soda


  1. Mix cake mix and soda
  2. Bake according to box directions

Tracy made this particular batch with chocolate cake mix and a diet cherry Dr. Pepper. CRAZY good, and Tracy tells me that baking 24 cupcakes with the mixture makes them one point each, for those counting such things. Isn’t that insane? And there are lots of different combination, too. White cake mix and orange soda? Spice cake and Sprite? Go crazy! What else sounds good?

5 thoughts on “Two step cupcakes

  1. You sit in cellblock 303?! That must be a hoot. Preds games are so much fun! These cupcakes look great. The combo of chocolate cake mix and cherry Dr.Pepper sounds really really good!!

  2. awww, i love it! i highly recommend the white cake and orange soda..think creamsicle folks! also, pineapple cake and diet sprite is another winning combo 🙂

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