Goo Goo Cluster nachos

Here in the South we love our Goo Goos. They’re made right here in Nashville, and lots of local folks have done lots of amazing things with them: Goo Goo Pie, anyone? I wanted to try my own hand at coming up with a recipe for them (although, good heavens they’re amazing just plain), and this is what I came up with! Goo Goo Cluster nachos are easy to make, and can be scaled up or down on the homemade scale as far as you want; I landed somewhere in the middle.

What else would you top these with? Any ideas?

For the record, this post is not in any way sponsored by Goo Goo; I just think they’re fabulous.

Goo Goo Cluster nachos


  • 1/2 package puff pastry sheets, thawed
  • 4 Goo Goo Clusters (I used original, but any would be great!)
  • Caramel sauce (I used homemade; any will do)
  • Whipped cream
  • Optional colored sugar or sprinkles for topping


  1. Slice puff pastry sheets into triangles and bake at 400F for 12-15 minutes until golden brown
  2. While the pastry is cooking, chop the Goo Goos and have them ready
  3. As soon as the pastry is done pull each one partially open and drop in a few pieces of chopped Goo Goo (this will make the Goo Goos melty and even more awesome), and put them all on a plate
  4. Drizzle with caramel sauce, then sprinkle with any remaining Goo Goo pieces
  5. Serve with whipped cream in a bowl for dipping

14 thoughts on “Goo Goo Cluster nachos

  1. Well. Apparently this One Kitchen is sometimes not quite so Particular after all! You left out the last four steps!

    6. Remove diner’s shirt to expose skin surface.

    7. Apply one paddle of the Automated External Defibrillator to the middle of the diner’s chest, apply the other paddle under the diner’s left arm toward the shoulder blade.

    8. Set AED dial to 300 joules (on some AEDs this may be labeled “Death Star maximum”).

    9. Apply charge until wisps of smoke begin to curl up from the diner’s skin. The typical sign of recovery is that the diner will ask, “are there any more Goo Goos?”

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