The farm that converted me to a CSA

Right now you’re thinking either, “Ooh! CSA!” or “CS…what?”

It’s Community Supported Agriculture. And I love it. What it means is that The Yankee and I essentially bought into a local farm, and in exchange we get a box of food every week. I wanted to do a CSA for years but I couldn’t hide from the truth of our eating habits: we’re too picky. Kale? Kohlrabi? What? I have lovely friends in Nashville who get all these lovely veggies every week and love it and say that opening the box every week is practically Christmas. They come up with beautiful menus and use every bit of their boxes (I’m especially looking at you, Erin and Kira).

And then I found Avalon Acres. And they had me at hello. Well, not so much “hello” but at “meat and eggs package.” Now you’re speaking my language!

Now all the eggs in my house are from local, free-range egg laying hens.  The chicken we eat was raised in a pasture without antibiotics, chemicals or preservatives. The heirloom pork is free range and amazingly tasty. Our beef is Piedmontese, which has the highest amount of good fats, and much lower bad fats and calories. It’s so tasty and so lean! When I brown up a pound of ground beef I almost never have any grease to drain off at all, but the flavor is incredible. And, like the rest of the meat, there are no hormones, artificial chemicals or preservatives. Check out this page for lots of great information.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I love this program. And because it’s not too late for you to join the spring and summer program! After that there’s even a fall and winter program with lots of yummy winter goods including homemade bread that is out of this world. If you’re not eating from here you’re missing out. Click here and check things out — pick a package, build your own package, pick and choose what sounds good. And let me know what you choose! I love hearing how creative people get with their shares from the farm.

5 thoughts on “The farm that converted me to a CSA

  1. I am by no means a model example of a CSA member! Haha… Trust me, you did not see the squishy green onions I threw out recently!

    I did Avalon Acres for 2 years, and I can attest, their meat is REALLY delicious!

  2. We live in the Florida Keys and used to belong to a CSA in Homestead (about 45 miles away). Great program, but long drive! Our soil down here is basically limestone and coral dust, so it’s not the best for gardening, much less and actual farm. This forced us to come up with a solution – the ‘Seriously’ Raised Garden Box – which is nothing new in the gardening world, but the fact that we made it 3 feet tall gave it a back-saving upgrade! We currently have 7 boxes in our back yard and grow enough vegetables to feed our house and one neighboring restaurant – actually, our tomatoes are almost ready, and I am dying to make your salsa! Just thought this might be a creative solution for some of your readers!

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