RO*TEL dip

True story: the very first recipe I posted on One Particular Kitchen involved RO*TEL. I also use it in jambalaya. And chili. My love affair with the magical can of tomatoes and chiles started in college, though, when Kiddo’s Aunt Burgle introduced me to the classic Velveeta/RO*TEL dip at a UT vs. Alabama football party. We added browned up sausage to it and it was a meal; it’s still a staple in both our households five ten a few years and a few kids later.



  • 1 lb. Velveeta cut into 1″ cubes
  • 1 can RO*TEL
  • 1 lb. breakfast sausage, browned and crumbled


  1. Heat in a microwave or a slow cooker and stir till melted and combined; serve with chips


* * * * *

Given this history, when RO*TEL asked if I wanted to join up with them for a giveaway it was a no brainer.

So… anyone interested in queso for 100? A $50 grocery gift card? Goodies for your kitchen with your team’s logo from FansEdge?

I thought so! Entry is easy: just leave a comment here and tell me how you were introduced to RO*TEL queso dip. And if, for some inexplicable reason, no one has introduced you yet, allow me! Grab a coupon here and make some queso, then come back and tell me about how fabulous it was. Just be sure you do it by the DEADLINE: November 5th at midnight central time.

Details: one entry per email address, please; the winner will be chosen at random by and notified by email, so make sure you leave me a valid email address with your comment.

But wait, there’s more! Also makes julienne fries! You can also go here and enter for the RO*TEL grand prize:

Disclaimer: by hosting this giveaway I’m entered to win a trip to BlogHer 2011; because can’t you just see me hauling Kiddo to California?

Now… let’s hear those RO*TEL stories! 🙂

34 thoughts on “RO*TEL dip

  1. My dad has made the classic RoTel queso so long that I don’t even remember the first time I had it! It’s been a true staple for our family for many, many years. A few years ago I started making a cold dip with cream cheese, RoTel and sour cream. All our guys friends call it “crack dip” because it’s so good you just can’t stop yourself!

  2. I was introduced to the Ro*tel/Velveeta dip at a youth group event on a Sunday night. It’s always been a favorite.

    And my favorite vegetable soup recipe involves a can or Ro*tel tomatoes too!

  3. I don’t remember the event or what I was doing the first time I had Rotel, because all I remember is how awesome the dip tasted! It was the Velveeta/Rotel/sausage dip and it was heaven. I’m pretty sure I was the girl by the dip bowl all night, and that’s still the case to this day every time it’s served.

  4. My mom always made Rotel queso growing up! I make it now too, but I don’t use sausage. I add a little bit of other cheese or cream to make it creamier.

  5. I think the first time I tried the wonderful combo of Velveeta, Rotel, & Sausage, I was at a “stock the bar” party for a close friend of mine, which incidentally coincided with the UT/Florida game. Needless to say, the dip and I were eventually in front of the TV for most of the party!! Oops.

  6. Sister, it was YOU!! I was enlightened one day in Huffman Hall. The exact circumstances escape my mommy-fied brain, but you brought Rotel queso to my room in the chili pepper chip and dip dish. Appetizers in my home have not been the same since, thanks to you. Yum!!
    OMG! I forgot about that dish! I ordered that off the back of a Rotel can and I was DEVASTATED when it broke. How funny!

  7. The minute football season starts, I can live on Rotel dip alone. I was born in TN, so I’m pretty sure they just sent me home from the hospital with a can of Rotel and some pork rinds. 🙂 I didn’t know this was a Southern thing until I went to Iowa and couldn’t find it!

    PLEASE win and drag Kiddo to CA and tell me all about it. I guess a good friend would offer to keep him for you. 😉

  8. My parents have made Rotel dip since before I can remember. It’s the go-to for parties and gatherings. This includes football games and tailgating. Growing up, I would watch my mom or dad cut the Velveeta cheese and I would get to help by pouring the Rotel. I was such a big girl 🙂

  9. I saw the title of this post, and my first thought was “Hell yeah!” I was first introduced to Ro-tel dip in college. Beer + velveeta + ro-tel = SO GOOD.

  10. A friend of my husbands always made Ro-tel dip at his parties and the first time I had some I was thinking this is super great tasting and he sent me home with his recipe for it.I am crazy for the stuff,YUM!

  11. The first time I had RO*TEL was at my friend Sam’s house, in a queso dip. Several years later I discovered their website and I use RO*TEL in many dinner favorites, like King Ranch Chicken.

  12. I was introducted to Ro*tel at a friend’s party when I was still in high school! It was a long time ago, and I still eat it a lot today!

  13. My first Rotel experience was a few years ago on vacation with friends. Someone made the famous dip and I couldn’t get enough! It’s a yummy classic.

  14. I can’t really remember, but we do have a friend in our group that never makes anything else for parties. You always know what Suzy’s bringing!

  15. I was introduced to Rotel queso in high school – a friend’s mom made it often. I always loved it so she shared the recipe with me. I’ve been making it ever since!

  16. I must be one of the rare few who have never had rotel-queso dip. I have used rotel tomatoes in other recipes however so I am not completely out there. 🙂

  17. I don’t know if I’ve had Ro-Tel queso before, but I definitely use it a lot in recipes, including your awesome tortilla soup! I’m glad it’s available way up here in Maine — I’ve tried other canned tomato-pepper products, and they just don’t compare.

  18. Rotel queso dip has been at practically every Thanksgiving/Christmas function at my Mammy’s; and also my aunt makes it.

    Listen to how we fancy it up. My Mammy serves it in her REAL SILVER *thingie with a candle underneath that keeps it warm. haha

    *I forgot the name of it

  19. I had tried the Velveeta Ro*Tel dip a few times, almost just like the recipe you have here with Jimmy Dean’s Hot Sausage crumbled.

    But now, we love to make a modified version of Emeril’s Chorizo Con Queso with Hot Ro*Tel and really hot chorizo. So good. We make it all the time now.

    Now I’m starving…

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