Happy birthday, Julia Child!

From this article, in response to the question, Do you think people have become afraid of food?

“Definitely. They’re afraid of it nutritionally. They’re afraid of fat. And they’re afraid of germs. Some people are just afraid to eat. They’ve lost the joy. Not me! I eat eggs all the time, but I’m very careful where I buy them….

“I think there’s misinformation about nutrition. At the American Institute of Wine & Food” — a California nonprofit foundation dedicated to the advancement of gastronomy, which Child helped found in 1981 — “we say: ‘Moderation. Small helpings. No snacking. No seconds. A little bit of everything, because you never know what you may be missing. And have a good time!’

Who could say it better? Enjoy something fabulous today!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Julia Child!

  1. I know I’m not afraid either. How can one enjoy life in trepidation? I can barely enjoy it without it. I don’t care about eating cookie dough or egg nog without cooking the eggs. I only make common store-bought items from scratch because I enjoy the process and seeing how much is put into these items we take for granted. Thanks for this post!
    Well said!

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