Chicken parmesan, courtesy of The Yankee

Does that make it Yankee Chicken Parmesan? Like Yankee Pot Roast? But he consulted Alton Brown for part of the preparation, and Alton is from Georgia, so…. Hmm. It WAS good eats, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I took The Kiddo upstairs to play, and came back down to this:

The picture does NOT do it justice. It makes me want to disappear upstairs more often!

The Yankee tells me that he bought thin chicken breasts, marinated them in buttermilk, then coated them in breadcrumbs that I had made last week from leftover no-knead bread. He fried the coated chicken in olive oil in a cast iron skillet, then drained the chicken on a rack over paper towels — not just on paper towels; this made the chicken unbelievably crispy and yummy on the edges, even after baking with the sauce and cheese!

He fried the chicken breasts in two batches, then they went into a foil-lined lasagne pan. He covered the chicken in marinara sauce, then in full-fat (read: full-yum) mozzarella cheese, and baked long enough to heat everything and melt the cheese. He served it over linguine with garlic bread. OH MY HEAVENS it was good.

And, bonus! All that olive oil frying was so great for the cast iron. I used a spatula to push the used olive oil into a jar for the trash, then wiped the pan down with a paper towel. Look how pretty and shiny it looked after!

I think it’s a keeper. The Yankee and the skillet. 😉

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