Risotto: not nom-proof

I love a good cooking challenge. And yowza was risotto a challenge at first. I know what you’re thinking: oh, like stirring is so hard? No, in and of itself, it’s not. However stirring for 25 minutes with a two year old in the kitchen? That’s a challenge.

As I say, though, I like a challenge. So, I keep making it. I make it, I eat it (oh the sacrifices!), then I watch this again — Tony Bourdain showing Real Risotto in Venice. I can tell you I’m not anywhere near attempting that flinging-splashing-splat move shown there (unless someone wants to volunteer to come clean my kitchen afterward), but it’s a sight to behold. And it gives me a good image of what my finished risotto should look like.

I’m getting there. And I’m sure enjoying the efforts!

2 thoughts on “Risotto: not nom-proof

  1. I kept rewinding that part when I first saw it on Bourdain’s show – how the heck did he do that??? I make risotto every other week or so but there is no way I’ll try flinging and flipping it.

    • I know. It is astounding to me! I’m sure the guy has been doing it since he could reach the stovetop, but holy smokes. It’s amazing!

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