My favorite new organizational tool

Curtain rods! How great is this?

I saw this in a magazine and it’s flipping brilliant. Two little tension curtain rods from Target for about $6 (for the pair) and I don’t have to fear an avalanche of cookie sheets when I open the cabinet. Score!

Your turn! What are your favorite tips for an organized kitchen? Organizing does not come naturally to me (zip it, Yankee — and I say that with love 😉 ), so I’m always on the lookout for ideas — especially cheap and easy ones like this. Lay ’em on me!

7 thoughts on “My favorite new organizational tool

  1. I print out a spreadsheet that has a list of the foods that I often keep in my freezer. Then, I keep the inventory on the side of my fridge. I mark off things as I use them and can replenish my supply easily. It also helps me to use up items before they expire.

    I also have one of those tall bread loaf keepers from Rubbermaid that I store the boxes of parchment paper, waxed paper, and large storage bags that won’t fit in the drawer.

  2. Wow, great idea! I bought a bunch of glass jars over the weekend and transferred my massive amounts of dried lentils, beans, flours, and grains to them.

  3. I love all these! Keep ’em coming!

    I had to move the top shelf up so that my cookie sheets would fit like that but I still had enough room on the top shelf to fit my food processor discs, mini bowl and a bread pan.

  4. This tip isn’t really for organization. But, I use hotel shower caps to cover my bowl when my bread’s rising. Also, works great for picnics to keep the bugs out.

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