Healthy chicken nuggets

The Kiddo loves him some chicken nuggets. Don’t most kids? Although he would prefer they always be from Chick Fil A, I thought we’d branch out and try them at home.

I started out with just one chicken breast, boneless and skinless. I cut it into bite-sized nuggets, and got myself all set up:img_4516

That’s melted butter on the left, cornmeal and wheat germ in the middle (trying to sneak in some healthy stuff). I dipped the chicken in the butter, then dredged in the wheat germ/cornmeal mix, and let it sit while I warmed up oil in the pan. I used half olive oil, half canola oil (was worried the flavor of olive oil alone would be “different” enough that it would throw off The Kiddo).

Next, fry ’em up!

img_4518I cut them so small that the frying itself was very quick. By the time they were browned on all sides, they were cooked through.

Draining and cooling:


I used chopsticks for frying because I didn’t have any non-metal tongs and didn’t want to scratch up the pan.

Verdict: success! The Kiddo liked them. And I thought they were pretty tasty too!

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