Salsa roja (roasted red salsa)

I eat a lot of salsa. A LOT. I am rather notorious for this, in fact. My friend’s boyfriend once innocently asked if I had anything he could snack on — maybe some chips and salsa? My friend nearly fell on the floor laughing at the thought of me not having chips and salsa in the house. There is no risk of that. Ever.

So when my awesome world-traveling chef cousin came to town for a few days, she offered to teach me how to make roasted red salsa and tamales (more on that later). Can you imagine how much I hesitated? Not. At. All.

And people, this salsa. PEOPLE. With a lifetime of tasting, sampling, and gorging research on salsa, I have never in my life had salsa this good.

Note that this makes a lot — a big mixing bowl full. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how quickly it went here. πŸ˜€ Without further ado, I give you: The Best Salsa Ever:

  • 16 full size tomatoes, or nearly a produce bag full of roma tomatoes (we used roma)
  • 2-3 yellow onions
  • 20-25 Serrano peppers (remove caps) Note: this many peppers makes it hot. Feel free to reduce # of peppers, or scrape the seeds out of them
  • 8-10 cloves of garlic
  • 1-2 Tbsp salt
  • 1-2 bunches cilantro
    1. Halve the tomatoes and onions and lay cut-side up on a cookie sheet along with the peppers and garlic
    2. Roast at 375 till the onions look nice and translucent (see bottom left of the next picture), tomatoes look soft, and peppers are getting a nice char on them

  1. Let it all cool a bit, then run through the food processor with salt and cilantro (we had to do this in two batches)
  2. Stir it all together and eat with abandon. Trust me.

Update 6/24/09:

Got questions? Be sure to see the comments below from The Cousin — lots of great info from the salsa expert!

464 thoughts on “Salsa roja (roasted red salsa)

  1. OMG! I have got to try this recipe. I make and eat pico de gallo with chips every summer but this looks even better. Does it taste at all like Blue Coast Burrito’s salsa?

  2. We love Mexican food and delight in the free chips and salsa that normally accompanies each meal…well, that is if the salsa is delicious! I’m not sure who took your photos, but it made me want to run and grab the Romas, onions and Serrano peppers to whip this up to go with the Enchiladas we’re going to make tonight. Wish me luck – your recipe looks amazing!
    I take all the pictures. πŸ™‚ Thanks! I hope you love it! Check back and let me know how it goes? I’d love to hear! ~OPK

  3. Looks great! I always make salsa. I have never used fresh tomatoes always canned. I roast everything else but have never thought about roasting the tomatoes! I will give it a try, looks great! I love fresh salsa, nothing is better!

  4. salsa IS good! and SO versatile…not just for chips! I love this idea of making your own salsa…so much fresher, you can adjust to your own heat and taste, and saves lots of money!

  5. I am making this as I type….I saw it yesterday and knew it was destined for my belly. I hope it tastes as good as it smells! Thanks!
    Yay! Come back and tell me how it went! ~OPK

  6. Wow, this looks delish. I love the consistency. I’m totally going to make this. Thanks for all your gorging research and for sharing the recipe.
    That’s what my brother in law loves about it; he loves salsa, but can’t handle the texture of chunks of tomatoes. This is perfect! ~OPK

  7. Great salsa! I made half the recipe yesterday and I can’t believe how much salsa we have. DH thinks its just like the stuff he gets at a local Mexican place. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have a high tolerance for heat but that seems like an awful lot of serranos. Looks great though. I am making it as iI type but will add a few peppers and taste as I go.
    It does seem like a lot, I know, but it wasn’t so-hot-you-can’t-even-taste-it hot, I swear. Just good and hot. Maybe the roasting chills it out a bit? You could also strip the seeds out and then roast them if you want all that flavor but not as much heat. ~OPK

  9. If you don’t have a food processor (like me), you can mix everything in a blender (in batches, I’m sure). YUM! I will be trying this out very soon. I hope it’s better than the salsa roja that my exgirlfriend and her mother makes! That’s about the only thing I miss haha j/k.
    Hee hee! May it be even better than what you remember. πŸ˜‰

  10. Yum!! I love it! Dare I ask how long it can last in the fridge? Would you even know?

    But I love the idea of always having salsa on hand, and this looks yummy. I will try it next week!
    LOL – I’m afraid I wouldn’t know! It was gone in about three days here. Let me ask my cousin and see if she can shed some light on the subject. Let me know how it goes when you make it!

  11. I make a salsa that follows this recipe pretty closely! I don’t roast my ingredients, though I may try that with the next batch. I also don’t use Serrano peppers. I use either a single seeded Jalapeno, or for a real adventure I add one Habanero pepper.

    Try adding a touch of lemon juice to yours though, adds just the right amount of extra to it.
    Oh yum! That sounds fabulous!

  12. About how long should I roast the veggies and tomatoes? I have them in the oven right now.
    Ooh I can’t wait to hear how you like it in comparison! πŸ˜‰
    We ended up roasting it somewhere between 30 – 40 minutes; just watch for the onions to be translucent, and you’re good to go.

  13. I made beef fajitas with homemade, flour tortillas and homemade chips along with the salsa roja. I wasn’t able to enjoy the salsa at first because it was way too spicy! Since I live alone, I made a third of the recipe, but I think I put too many serrano peppers (4) in it. I added another roasted tomato (making a total of 5) to make it less spicy, and that worked (it would have been better if I had two extra tomatos instead of one, but I didn’t). I still couldn’t go crazy with it because it was still quite spicy. Once the salt levels were fine, it was still different from the salsa I’m used to eating at my ex-gf’s house. I knew what was missing before I even started the recipe – lime juice. She puts lime juice in almost everything, including Italian food haha. I added lime juice, and then it was almost perfect, with the only problem being the spicy factor. It looked just like hers. It tasted almost exactly like hers. I will DEFINITELY be making this again with a few changes – fewer peppers, add in lime juice and add amount of salt mentioned in recipe.

    Thank you so much for posting this! Now I no longer have an excuse to miss my ex! haha

    Ah, the healing power of salsa. πŸ˜‰
    Seriously thanks for checking back in and letting me know how it went! I was dying to hear. My cousin and I didn’t make homemade chips this time around, frying oil and a two year old not being good kitchen companions. I’d love to make homemade flour tortillas, though! I didn’t see it on your blog… wanna school me?

  14. I loved the thought of that recipe. I went to my local Hispanic market and was able to get the Roma tomatoes for 3 lbs. for .99 and Serrano’s for 1.50 lb. Easy, cheap salsa that makes a ton. We love medium to hot salsa, but this was bit a too hot with that many peppers for us. I will make it again for sure, but with about half the peppers and adjust from there. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Several people have said it’s hot. Have I burned off all my tastebuds with too much salsa over the years? πŸ˜‰ But yes, I love how cheap and easy this is. Really makes you think about paying $4 for a little tiny jar of it from the store, doesn’t it?

  15. I have been making salsa like this for years. The only difference is that I grill the tomatoes and peppers so that the oven doesnt heat up the house. I also add a light squeeze of lime juice to the salsa too. Oh one more difference I do sometimes is dice the onion very fine and stir it in after running the tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and garlic through the processor.

    This is truly an authentic salsa recipe per my husband who is from Veracruz Mexico.

    I’m so happy to hear that! It’s my favorite salsa by far. And that’s very smart about the grilling. I hate the oven heating up the house in the summer! That’s definitely next on the list.

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  17. This salsa taste great! Although I do have one word of warning, this salsa can be very hot depending on where you get the peppers from. I put in half the amount and it was extremely spicy!!!
    My grandmother always jokes that my first solid food must have been garlic. I love the spicy stuff!

  18. this was so delicious! truly the “best salsa ever.” my uncle wanted me to make him a batch so i’m roasting as i’m writing. oh yeah, and i only used 2-3 peppers =)
    Aww! I’m so glad you agree! Even if we have now completely established my freakish tolerance for heat. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it!

  19. Wow, lots of responses to this! Here’s a couple answers OPK didn’t get to:


    It’ll last at least a week in the fridge in a tupperware-type container, although it’ll rarely stay around that long. You could potentially freeze some if you wanted to store it for longer (then defrost it in the fridge), but really, it is at its best when it’s still hot from roasting!


    Varies a lot based on personal taste (OPK & I both have high tolerances, apparently. Runs in the Family?) and individual peppers. Sometimes you’ll get a batch of extra hot peppers where even OPK & I would be tearing up (doubtful, though!) and other times you might as well have used bell peppers.
    It is doubtful — shall we thank Grandma for this freakish heat tolerance? ::dying of laughter::

    If you are very sensitive to spice, cut the seeds out and just use the meat of the pepper. Also, roasting the peppers longer will bring out the sugars in the peppers which will make it less firey. Use fewer peppers if you’re wary.


    You can definately do this on a grill instead of the oven, in fact, that is my prefered method. I typically roast the onions until they’re translucent, the garlic until it’s browned (not too black), and the tomatoes and peppers until the skins are mostly blackened.
    Ooh this is good!

    And OPK, when’re you putting the Tamales up here? I may have some new recipes for filling to toss your way…
    Well it seems I was so busy eating the tamales that I didn’t actually get any decent pictures of them. LAME.

  20. Oh yeah, I forgot-

    the lime thing. Some people put lime in their salsa. Some (including me) don’t. It’s a matter of personal preference; I just prefer to same my limes for fresh margaritas…
    Which reminds me there’s another recipe I need to get from you… πŸ™‚

  21. Hi,
    I saw this recipe on taste spotting and I just made it. Delicious! I made a much smaller batch using the amount of ingredients I had in my fridge. Also, thanks for the comments about adding lemon and lime juice, definitely perked it up. I will make this again (:

  22. This was a total hit with my family. They are pretty picky eaters but no one could stop eating this salsa with chips. Roasting the veggies gives a mellow and rich flavor. Thank you!!! Perfect for a crowd.

  23. I’m new to making fresh salsa. We had a lot of tomatos this year. Can you can the left over salsa instead of freezing? I am new to canning too. I love salsa, and processing the tomatos is perfect because my hubby won’t eat chunks either. Thanks for all your information

    Congrats on all the tomatoes! I’m actually going to learn to can this year, so I’m not an expert! My understanding is that canning salsa has to have sufficient levels of acid, and I honestly don’t know if this has that — it’s really made to eat fresh. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work for canning, but I don’t know. This page says:
    * * * * *
    Why is it necessary to add bottled lemon juice or citric acid to some home canned tomato recipes? Must the lemon juice be bottled lemon juice?
    Tomatoes have a pH (acid) level that is just above the line dividing high-acid foods and low-acid foods. It is important for the safety and quality of tomato recipes that the proper acid level is maintained. Since many factors can decrease the natural acidity in tomatoes, the addition of bottled lemon juice or citric acid helps ensure the correct acidification. Bottled lemon juice must be used because its acid level is consistent, unlike fresh lemons.

    Recipes that include an adequate amount of vinegar (5% acidity) do not require additional acidification, such as salsa, tomato chutney, and pickled tomatoes.

    Always follow a tested recipe. Do not alter the type of ingredients in the recipe or the amount used. For up-to-date recipes, see Recipes.
    * * * * *
    Maybe some of that could help? Let me know how it goes!

  24. Thanks for the info. I read pretty much of the same. I also read that if you adjust the amounts of tomatoes, lemon juice, etc., you can “create an environment” for Botulism. Yikes! I think I’ll stick to freezing any leftovers that we (may) have. Hubby & I are making it today. Thanks again.

    You’re welcome! Please let me know how the freezing goes. From what I’ve read, chunky salsas don’t thaw well (the texture gets off), but that clearly wouldn’t be a problem here. I’m about to be in over my head in tomatoes from the garden, so I’ll definitely be trying some freezing!

  25. Just made this today, didn’t have enough tomatoes so I added a green paprika =)

    I don’t have an food processor so I used a blender, but somehow it was a little like mousse… very thin and bubbly LOL

    It tasted great though! I ended up adding a little bit of ketchup to make it a little less spicy, it was a bit too much!

  26. Oh my…. My husband is the type (like you) who cannot get hot enough salsa from the stores, so this did the trick! His nose was running as he was eating it and he was loving it. I tasted it to see if it was salty enough and I almost died. My mouth and lips are still burning, but in a good way! I made homemade tortilla chips to go with it. He LOVED it.

    Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I blog this recipe? I will, naturally, provide links to your site and give you credit!
    Yay!! I’m so glad he loved it. And fresh chips too! Aren’t you good? πŸ˜‰ Yes, blog away with links please — want to be sure my awesome cousin gets the credit for her brilliance. πŸ™‚

  27. How did you get your salsa to look so, well, minced? Mine looks like gazpacho. Regardless, it tastes good. I added the juice from 1 and a half limes and only 4 or 5 serrano peppers. It’s got a nice warmth to it. You must like smoking hot food!
    I do like smokin’ hot! Apparently The Cousin and I share this — neither of us thought it was that hot? Anyway, it’s pretty smooth — I think all the cilantro makes it look more textured than it actually is.

  28. just made this recipie and it is very good…did not use as many peppers as she called for and i did add a few other things such as the juice of 2 limes and a couple teaspoons of sugar….love the taste of the roasted onions and garlic…one bunch of cilintro is plenty and after i peeled the skin from peppers i used seeds and all…just remember, its easier to make it mild and then go up the scale…

  29. Sounds great. One question: do you leave the seeds in the tomatoes? Thanks!
    Sure do! Just slice them in half and roast.

  30. As far as canning this, we have hot packed salsa for years with no problem. We take the tomatoes and dip them in boiling water to remove the skins first.
    Then we bring the sauce to a gentle boil, reduce heat and cook for an hr.
    While this is going on we have cleaned our jars, have the lids and seals ready. The very last thing we do is to add boiling water to the jars. WARNING jars will be very hot.
    When sauce is ready we drain water off jars and fill with sauce, leaving about 1/2 inch space to the seal.
    Place the seal on jar then screw the lid down but not too tight.
    Final step is you have a area to place the jars, Upside down, and let rest without moving for a day.
    The pressure will seal the jars, you need to let them rest like this for 24 hrs.
    Then turn them upright. Check the seals. If they are still able to push down then place this jar in frig. or reheat and reseal. others if the seal is firm you can store.
    Good Luck
    That’s wonderful!! Thank you!

  31. Thanks for telling me about this on twitter today – I have bookmarked it and will use this recipe next time I make salsa. Maybe the reason mine isn’t hot enough is that I take the seeds out of the jalapenos. Didn’t cross my mind until read your post.

    Thanks again!

  32. OH MY GOSH. I saw the bowl of salsa in the recipe above and about lost bladder functions! it looks so delicious!

    I can’t wait to try tomatoes + onions + peppers in a cornucopic medly of tantric mexican excitement!

    thanks for sharing!!!

  33. This looks amazing…I plan on trying it tomorrow….can you tell me the approximate time of roasting it? do I need to change anything if I plan to can it, do you know?? As in adding vinegar or lemon juice??

    Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.
    It IS amazing… just might be on my list for this weekend again. πŸ™‚ I want to say around 30-45 minutes for roasting, but The Cousin had great tips in her comments about what to look for as far as signs of doneness.

    Unfortunately I’m not an expert on canning, but this was discussed in earlier comments as well. Since I’m not sure what the safe levels of lemon juice/acidity are, I just freeze my salsa in quart size ziploc bags and it seems to do just fine; since the tomatoes are cooked and food-processed (is that a verb?) they don’t get a weird texture when they thaw.

    I hope you love it… please let me know!

  34. Going to try freezing this!! I will ad a bit of “Fresh Fruit” to keep its color nice and bright!
    Yay! Mine seems to do just fine. πŸ™‚

  35. This salsa looks and sounds amazing. We make fresh salsa all summer, as soon as the peppers and tomatoes are ready, and I will try this recipe today. Your pictures even make my mouth water!

    I am working on “end of garden” canning and ran across your site while looking for new recipes. I am glad to see that you referred people to the information on salsa canning safety. The acidity level is very important because of the addition of onions, garlic and peppers, which are both very low in acid. Also, the tomotoes varieties we have now are less acid than those of previous generations. I always add 1-1/2 teaspoons lemon juice concentrate to each quart even when I am canning plain tomatoes. Freezing sounds like the perfect solution for this wonderful recipe.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Oh I didn’t know that about the generational acid differences in the tomatoes! I did know I’m no canning expert, so I didn’t want to give advice there. Thanks for the info! πŸ™‚ Hope you like the salsa!


    You (and your cousin) are my new heros. I have never eaten salsa from roasted ingredients and I can’t believe how it makes it taste. I can barely wait for my husband to get home and give him a big treat (salsa, that is) πŸ™‚

    Another time, I think I’ll try adding some fresh corn and black beans. I think I would roast the corn and add both after blending the rest.

    I could eat much more but if I don’t stop I won’t have any room for supper. Maybe that could just be supper. πŸ™‚

    Thank you again. I’ll be using this recipe for years to come.

    Aww!! You made my day! It is just the best stuff in the world, isn’t it? And LOL at the salsa treat for your husband. πŸ˜‰ It’s actually MY supper tonight! Made another batch this weekend. Is it wrong if that’s what’s for supper??

  37. This is almost identical to my own recipe that I adapted from my father a number of years ago. The only real difference is that I had always roasted the ingredients on the stove top (the roma tomatoes I roast whole) and generally roast the cilantro as well before adding it in. I also add green bell peppers (also roasted, of course) to give even more flavor.

    This is a delicious recipe! I have found that the salsa keeps well for a few weeks as far as being edible, but tastes best within the first week usually (especially when it’s still warm!).

    It’s amazing when it’s warm, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first bite the first time The Cousin and I made this. Magical stuff.

  38. Best salsa I’ve ever tasted. I made only a few small adjustments. Instead of serranos, I used three jalapenos I had. I scraped the seeds out of two and kept the seeds in the third. I also added a pinch of sugar.

    I made it tonight after work and had all these plans for things I could whip up to serve with it. Instead, it got eaten over the sink, right out of the bowl!

    Thank you!!! I agree!! πŸ˜€ And that’s almost always how I end up eating it. My sister and I ate it for lunch this week… and only this. Not sorry!

  39. can you can this?
    This has been discussed a bit (see the above comment from Diana C and my response) and the bottom line is that I’m just not sure. I’m not a canning expert at all, but I do know that canning requires specific acidity levels to be safely stored; since this recipe wasn’t designed for canning, it likely doesn’t have the required levels. It does, however, freeze fantastically. I freeze it in quart-size ziploc bags and it thaws out beautifully. I hope that helps!

  40. This salsa is awesome!!! Spicy, flavorful, and authentic tasting. I made it over the weekend. I used roma’s, since there is much less juice. I estimated the number of tomatoes based on the recipe. In the end, after slicing the tomatoes in half, they filled two medium-large baking sheets. I also added the juice from six limes. I pressure canned it for the winter and it filled 8, 0.5 liter jars. Thanks a bunch.

  41. my version is as follows – (equally delicious, 10x easier) :-p

    2 cans plain-ole diced tomatoes (sometimes it’s 1 can normal, 1 can fire roasted)

    1 onion, quartered

    1 bunch cilantro, stems removed

    salt to taste

    sliced jalapeΓ±os to taste

    food processor

    gets spicier as time passes, even those who loathe cilantro will fall to their knees!

  42. Hi there! This sounds yummy and I’m anxious to try it. I am canning salsa tomorrow, but this sounds great for a fresh batch for me and hubby. I love jalapenos but this year we did better with our serranos and I discovered I like them just as much if not more! Thanks!

  43. I see folks asking about the consistency of their salsa being a little off. I have found if you do blend it,only do it for like a half second.. just enough to break everything up smaller. Any further blending just ruins it. We like ours sorta chunky and natural-like..not blended.

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  45. So happy with the latest batch that I had to come re-comment. My boyfriend got me a great Cuisinart 11-cup food processor ( for Christmas and suggested this salsa recipe was the best first run. He was right — it was even better-tasting (and much easier!) this time than when I did it in several batches in a smaller machine Still great! Added about 1/4t each of sugar, cumin and coriander seed and used a mix of jalapeno and pasilla peppers, with about half the seeds scraped. Thanks again, and have a happy new year!

  46. I make a similar salsa but use jalapenos instead since they seem to be a little less hot and about a tsp of cumin. I also add a small jar of roasted red bell peppers with the oil/vinegar juice it is canned in. It really adds a lot to the salsa. I hope you get a chance to try it that way. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

  47. I just made it and I must have screwed something up. I tasted too much like tomato. I need to try it again maybe with smaller tomatoes.
    Gracious, even with 25 peppers and 2 onions in it? ~OPK

  48. Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for this recipe. I’ve made it four times over the past couple of months (with a halved recipe) and just yesterday picked up the ingredients to make it again. It also went over really well at my Super Bowl party last month. This is a fantastic salsa and I urge those that stumble upon it to give it a try, ASAP.

  49. Thanks for the recipe. I love tomatoes! Time to give this one a try, I am always looking for more salsa recipes.

  50. I love roasted salsa. I made one recently (grilled all the veggies), but didn’t take down the measures. I will try your recipes once I am done with my last batch.

  51. This Salsa can definitely be canned. Just follow process you would for any tomato product. I can salsa several times a year with excellent results.

  52. If you have never made salsa with serrano peppers before…BEWARE….these suckers are hot as heck and if you decide to de-seed them WEAR GLOVES. My nine-year old and I are still in pain with burning hands and eyes from our adventure into roasted salsa! Never again!! (hope the salsa turns out good!)

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  55. Is the photo that accompanies the recipe a photo of what you produced? It’s very dark red with flecks of green throughout. The description of it that I saw in the comments as “chunky” didn’t seem to match the photo…

    • Yep, that’s the right picture. The comments about chunky were folks talking about not liking chunky salsa, so they loved this because it was smooth (e.g. “That’s what my brother in law loves about it; he loves salsa, but can’t handle the texture of chunks of tomatoes. This is perfect!”).

  56. Thanks for the fast response! I’m going to make it tomorrow. The comment that threw me was the one two posts above mine that said “was more of a chunky salsa, almost like pico de gallo”, which I interpreted as “this salsa was more of a chunky salsa…”. I’m VERY excited to try this and a green tomatillo/avocado salsa recipe I found.

  57. I agree, salsa roja is pretty delicious, I do have to say though, don’t fall for the easy canned tomatoes, as a cook i can say that canned never tastes as good as fresh. Oh and if you like this maybe you’ll like a salsa verde? uses a lot of the same flavours but it’s more herby.

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  59. Do you peel the tomatoes with this recipe?
    It didn’t say so, and in the pictures some look peeled, while others – maybe not.
    I know most salsa recipes call for the tomatoes to be peeled, so maybe this was just assumed.

    Also, how long to you estimate this process takes, from start to eating?

    Nope, no peeling. The skins are so softened up by the time the tomatoes are cooked that it’s not an issue. Time-wise, I’m going to guess maybe an hour total by the time you chop and roast everything? A lot of that time is just waiting the 30-45 minutes while they roast, of course. ~OPK

  60. Reply to “sharon,” re: canning. You most emphatically can can this. For high acid foods, processing in an open boiling water bath canner will suffice. If low acidity is known, or suspected, then the food must be processed in a pressure canner. I refer you to the “bible” from which I learned canning, the Ball Blue Book. Although this appears to be out of print, the Ball web site offers comprehensive canning instructions:

  61. What do you mean a “produce bag” full of romas? Our store has the plastic bags that hang in front of the various produce…… this what you mean?
    yep, that’s exactly it!

  62. It’s just “ok”. I would recommend de-seeding the romas (cook cut side down), eliminating the cilantro (some like it, some do not), and adding 2 tablespoons of freshly toasted and ground cumin. These changes made the salsa much much better the second time around.

  63. Love the flash-salting idea. I know people should generally use as little salt as possible, but I’m hopeless when it comes to tomatoes – they just don’t taste the same without it:)

  64. I like to do a similar salsa only I like to add a little bit of colmino.. uum cumin I think in English? and a bit of clove. Also I don’t roast the onion. I like to make it chuckier so I puree part and then keep a portion of the onions, cilatro, etc chuncky. Also, Lime is a must for a bit more flavor and helps retain freshness along with the acids in the tomato.

    Alternatively you can use basically the same ingrediants with tomatillos rather than tomato for a salsa verde. Only I boil the tomatillos until the skins crack and they’re soft. Remove skin and blend with roasted and skinned peppers (your choice depending on how hot you like) and other ingrediants and blend till smooth. This salsa is great as is or you can simmer it and use it as a base for enchiladas verdes..

  65. I have never had a garden nor have I ever made salsa. However, this year I did a small garden that included jalepenos and serranos so I could make salsa. Can I use both in this recipe? Or should I make 2 different batches using the peppers individually.
    You can definitely use both! I change it up depending on what’s ripe in my garden at the time. Let me know how it turns out!

  66. I just made this salsa and it really is the BEST!! Absolutely awesome! I used 7 jalapeno peppers with seeds, and that was still just a little too hot. Next time I will use just 5. You should win some sort of award for this fantastic recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  67. question…do you think it’s possible, and how would I go about canning a delicious salsa like this one???? Anyone have ideas?
    There’s been some discussion about this in the comments above; some say it can absolutely be done, some say it doesn’t have the right acidity. I am not a canning expert, unfortunately, so I’m not sure what the answer is! Maybe check out some of the links in the earlier comments and see what you think? ~OPK

  68. Big word of warning!! This is a fantastic FRESH salsa recipe but it cannot be used for canning as is unless you pressure cook it. There is no acidity at all. Once tomatoes are processed they lose alot of the acidity. If anyone is canning via water bath you need to add at least 2 tablespoons of lime/lemon or vinager per small jar. The tangy taste actually breaks down over time and the spices take over. If you have already canned this and it has been sitting for 3 months or so check when opened if it has a slightly whiteish haze on the top and or mold. (heaven fobid)
    We all know lemon and or vinegar kills mold as it is in all of our cleaners!!
    All to say this is one of the best recipes…try it
    Thank you, Heather! I am so NOT a canning expert, so I appreciate your knowledge. πŸ™‚ ~OPK

  69. I made this recipe and loved making it almost as much as I did eating it. It was a chilly fall day here in Minnesota when I made it and the house smelled wonderful with the veggies roasting. I only used half the amount of peppers and used jalapenos. I used the seeds and all. Everyone said it was the hottest and best salsa they’d ever eaten. Mmmmm. This is a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

  70. One BIG Bowl coming up……… thank Heavens for my best food processor because this will now be ready as fast as it will cool!! You’ve set my tastebuds running here – oh dearie me, I do look a sight drooling like this!! Better nibble a few chips for comfort – they NEED tasting don’t they!!!!! Vanessa G

  71. WOW I think if I had a chip in my hand I would have tried to dip in the top looks that good. My sis can make a mean salsa but I think I will try and out do her know..Thanks!

  72. Just put the ingredients into the oven for my second batch of this. I was so disappointed to see that most of my remaining tomatoes have rotted, so this will be the last batch till next year. This is the best salsa I have ever had.

  73. I’m also a huge salsa connoisseur, and this looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Although…I can’t seem to find any Serrano peppers in any of the grocery stores where I live…can a kind of other pepper be used in place of? Do you think it would alter the flavors too much…?
    Jalapeno peppers will also work just fine! πŸ™‚

  74. For anyone trying to make less, I made a small batch using 5 roma tomatoes, 1 jalapeno (half seeds removed), 1 serrano with seeds, 1/2 onion, 3 cloves garlic and roasted it all. I made sure to blacken the skins quite a bit. I added 1/2 tsp cumin, 1.5 tsps of course kosher salt (or 3/4 tsp reg salt), the juice of half a lime, and a handful of cilantro – all in the food processor. SO GOOD! I highly recommend this recipe!

  75. Well, I tried but it came out more like a slush. I mean I like my salsa really fine, and a little runny but mine came out more as a slushy haha. round 2 next week, any pointers? I want it to come out like the picture!!! =D

    • Aww! Definitely try again! If you’re finding it’s too watery you can try scooping the seeds/liquid out of a few of the tomatoes before processing them; reserve them so you can add back in if you need it but that should do the trick. Let me know!

  76. Made the salsa today – prep was a snap! I used 8 romas, a whole onion, a huge poblano, a lime, a bunch of cilantro, salt, and plenty of it with some cumin and sugar to deepen the flavor.
    Eating it warm was kinda weird for me – maybe I just can’t handle going outside of my shell.
    I like all the flavors, but the roasting of the tomatoes added a tanginess I liken to marinara which weirded me out a little. I guess I just like fresh tomatoes. *shrug* It was still good – I may try roasting my onions, peppers and garlic only next time and try fresh tomatoes because I love roasted peppers and garlic.
    Thank you for this recipe!

  77. Making this salsa right now for the big game!! Can’t wait the kitchen is smelling so good!! Living in Southern Arizona we buy salsa by the gallon, i can’t believe i’ve never tried to make it before today.

  78. I used jalapeno peppers instead because I couldn’t find serrano, as well as some lime juice – it is amazing. Roasting the veggies before makes a huge difference! Thanks!

  79. I just finished making this. I cut the recipe in half, as it is just me, and had to substitute jalapenos for the serranos, as my store was out. I also added the juice of one lime. It turned out to be a lot milder and sweeter than I usually like, but still good. I did remove seeds and ribs from jalapenos after reading so many reviews saying how hot it is. Next time, I will omit the lime juice, and use serranos, or use more jalapenos, and not remove ribs or seeds. I am not a huge fan of sweeter salsas, but I think this would probably be perfect just as written. Thanks for the recipe! Definitely trying again.

  80. I’ve been making this salsa for years and yes, it is the best salsa ever! Only difference is I use red onions and also add in a squeezed lime juice. Try it, it’s great!

  81. Glad I saw the person mention using a pressure cooker to can this- my cousin does just that, and I’ll have to sugggest this recipe to her as a way to preserve all the produce she’s sure to have (huge garden in the works, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, veggies, fruits etc…)

    I thought that it would be ok to can them in the pressure cooker, good to have confirmation. She’s already started canning things- meat she finds on sale, marmalade to use up a huge bag of oranges she had given to her etc… The meat seemed weird to me, but she said it’s good as long as you use the pressure cooker to do it, the heat gets high enough to kill any possible thing.

  82. The salsa recipe is a good start but to really improve it reduce the serranos by half and add 2 each 8oz cans of tomato sauce (yes tomato sauce – you will be suprised.
    One serrano is just as hot as two.
    It also works well if you reduce everything by half and the serranos by 1/4.

  83. I absolutely love salsa and love spicy food but, this salsa was so spicy that it was actually unedible. I had to dump 1/2 the salsa mixture out and use the other 1/2 to mix with more fresh tomatoes to cool it does. I followed the instructions to a tee and used 20 serrano peppers and actually used 15 full size tomatoes along with the other ingredients to proportion. Extremely dissapointing and waste of money (especially with the high prices of tomatoes these days). Also, I was making this for my husband’s work party which is tommorrow! Back to the drawing board….

    I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you! As you can see it’s one of my most popular recipes. Good luck for the party tomorrow! ~OPK

  84. Have you ever tried to make this with fresh onion but still roast everything else? I like the the crispness and bite of fresh onion in salsa.
    I haven’t but I’m sure it could be done — try it and let me know! πŸ™‚

  85. this is the best salsa I have ever had! all my family loved it and my mom took it to work and everyone is asking for the recipe. the only thing I did different was cut back on the peppers a little buit (although next time I make it I will add all the peppers because I loooove spicy!) and I added some squirts of lemon and lime juice and more salt than the recipe called for. Thanks for sharing, it was wonderful!
    I’m so glad! You just made my day. πŸ™‚ ~Erin

  86. Wow. Came across your recipe quite by accident in Stumble. I made it the next day. Whole foods was did not have Serrano chiles, so I substituted with Jalapenos. I used Romas as you noted. It’s hard to know what a bunch of cilantro is, so I adjusted as I thought appropriate. It came out fantastic. Two lessons though: Don’t do this in a convection oven unless you add the garlic towards the end. It got too toasted and almost has an over toasted flavor. Lesson two is that I cannot wait to try it with Serranos. I did add lime juice and it tarts it up a little. This is truly an amazing recipe and I cannot wait to change it up with different kinds of chiles (New Mexico greens next!) Thanks so very much!

    • I actually made this yesterday with roasted Hatch green chiles that I had in my freezer and brought it to work today. It makes a really nice flavored salsa, but the green chile mixed with the red tomatoes makes for a not very appetizing appearance. πŸ™‚ But the FLAVOR is Wonderful!

  87. Delicious! Amazing! Maybe I missed something…but I have to know…what is in the dutch oven/pot in one of the “oven” pics above?
    Don’t you have a good eye! πŸ™‚ That was the pork for the tamales. Yum! ~OPK

  88. Sorry for the re-re-comment. I just made my first batch of the season, and it was better than ever!

    I have always loved the start of tomato season, but since I came across your recipe a couple years ago, it has become the first recipe I make to kick off my summer of tomato.

    Tonight when i did it, I threw into the pan a couple beautiful ears of corn I had, roasted them with everything else, then sliced the kernels off the cobs and right into the post-blended salsa. It was delicious.

    The corn had absorbed some of the pan juices, especially those from the jalapenos and poblano I used, so the roasted flavor and the peppery heat were reinforced in each kernel. (I know this for a fact, because I thought when the roasting pan had cooled, I could sneak and nibble a few bites from the cob; the concentrated spiciness was amazing but blew me away!)

    Anyway, thanks again!

  89. I have become obsessed with Salsa lately….so good! I can’t wait to try your recipe; thank you!!

  90. i get the speed record. found you from foodgawker 4 hours ago *at work.* am dripping lava nectar on my keyboard as i type this to you. perfect recipe, but sweet agamemnon’s furnace you have tastebuds of steel. i like things hotter than my husband and most of my friends and i couldn’t tolerate the first batch out of my food processor with the seeds intact. i scooped out the seeds on the second half/batch and the combo is perfect for me now. no more am i at the mercy of eating out or debasing myself with pace. i am officially gawking at you. THANK YOU!

  91. This is a good recipe. We only used seven serranos, though, and it was plenty hot for us. Also, we tossed in a peeled lime. It was great! We actually went out and bought a food processor just so we could make this!

  92. I’m am soo excited to make this salsa. When you say “roast the ingredients in the oven,” does that just mean cook it at 375 or use the broiler on the oven…lol

  93. I just made this and it is so tasty. It’s not what I expect from a salsa- totally exceeded my expectations. I have named my batch the slow burn salsa. It’s so delicious that you find yourself standing next to the pantry with a bag of chips and the salsa and you are shoveling it in as fast as humanly possible. Then it hits you – the slow burn….. and you know that you have had far too much of it but you can’t stop because it tastes so great.

    BTW – I did a half batch sort of. 8 roma tomato, 1 onion, 3 serrano peppers and one giant jalepeno, four cloves of garlic and about a third of the cilantro.

  94. When roasting the garlic do I leave it unpeeled? Different recipes are always telling me different things when it comes to roasting garlic!!

  95. I’ve got everything in the oven right now and the whole house smells heavenly…if the salsa is half as good I’ll be happy! Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

  96. This really looks good, couple questions.

    1. How much is a “bunch” for the cilantro. When I buy it its usually a fairly large amount, can you give any type of guideline here ?

    2. How long did you run it in the food processor ?

    Looking forward to making this, thanks.


    • Johnny,

      1. Re: cilantro, like the bunch that you get from the grocery store that’s all tied together with a rubber band. It’s a LOT, so edit accordingly if you’re not cilantro crazy.

      2. I ran it for 20 seconds or so in the food processor because I wanted it smooth; again, edit to your own tastes. πŸ™‚

      Let me know how you like it!

  97. This totally made me emotional – it’s that good! Where have you been all my life??? I’m in love.

  98. I just made this today after drooling over it for a couple of days. I roasted the veggies for a pretty long time because I wanted them extra blackened. I can’t handle too much heat, so I used 2 long green peppers (not spicy) and three hot peppers. I probably could’ve handled a couple more, but I was being cautious after so many reviews saying it was unbearably hot. I added the juice of one lime after I tasted it, but honestly it was awesome before it. I LOVE THIS STUFF. Now I wanna try it on the grill so my apartment won’t get so sweltering when I make this a million more times. Thank you!

  99. Just tried this recipe yesterday! I have to say this is the BEST salsa ever! Me, my husband, and in laws ate the whole bowl in a couple hours πŸ™‚

  100. This recipe looks really good πŸ™‚ I love the fact that everything is roasted. I make my own salsa as well but I add lime juice, 1 tsp cumin, 1tsp salt, and 1/2 tsp sugar. The lime really adds to the flavor πŸ™‚

  101. Has anyone tried this without cilantro?? I am totally out and I don’t want to go to the store right now. I guess if it’s not that good I can get some cilantro and add to it, you think? My tomatoes, onions, and peppers are roasting now. I can’t wait!!

  102. This has been the salsa I make for my husband ever since I discovered this recipe. I roast extra peppers in the event it’s not hot enough for him (unless the sweat is beading up under his eyes, it’s not hot enough) so they can be added if needed. I do add lime juice and I use a combination of serranos and jalapenos (heavier on the serranos) but those are the only changes I make.

    When we get home from work, he heads to the fridge, grabs this salsa and a bag of chips, and is content until I get dinner finished. Sometimes it’s all he has for dinner.

    Thank you.

  103. Thanks so much. Most excellent. Used fresh German Johnson tomatoes, and jalapenos and garlic from my garden. Only used one bunch of cilantro, as the ones at my grocery store are huge. Kudos! Not the best I ever ate, but in the top five!

  104. Also….no need to add sugar folks…as the roasting brings out the natural sweetness in the tomatoes and garlic.

  105. We’re preparing for Hurricane Irene – making this recipe with our garden tomatoes! The roasted veggies have made the house smell awesome. I can’t wait to try it! If we lose power, at least we’ll have a huge bowl of salsa to live off of!

  106. Just tried this salsa today-so yummy and easy to make. I like hot salsa and this was really hot-very good though!

  107. Wow. I’ve been looking for an easy salsa recipe for years – found it right here. I’m crying with relief, joy, and heat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. πŸ™‚

  108. Man.. we eat this all the time with sticky/sweet rice. I never considered it as salsa (for chips) but I guess it works? Tastes awesome though.

  109. Absolutely amazing!!! Just made my first batch and I’m thinking the bowl is not going to last the evening. I did add a little squirt of lime juice and seeded some of the serranos, but otherwise, followed the recipe as above. YUM!!

  110. Delicious! My grandfather sent us a grocery sack full of tomatoes so my first instinct was salsa! This recipe is so easy, I used 2 jalapenos and 3 small orange serano peppers. I left the seeds in 1/2 a jalapeno and 1 full serano and my mouth was on fire πŸ™‚ We added a few random roma tomatoes and its perfect- thanks so much for the recipe! This is definitely a go to.

  111. I did try canning this – with a slight modification. I upped the tomatoes a bit. I also didn’t use so many peppers. Instead I used a few pasilla peppers. And a couple of anaheims. I then added about 1 cup of bottled lime juice. Also, went low with only 2 onions but 2 bunches of cilantro.

    I boiled it. Then canned. It worked great and so far no issues. Tastes good out of the jar. I also added a bit more salt to counter the lime. But it’s really good with the lime.

    If you don’t like acidity, though, just freeze it.

    PS – not a scientist. so go with your own gut.

    PPS – or buy test strips.

  112. Do you think this recipe would be alright for canning? πŸ˜‰ Kidding.

    I have successfully canned it (because the thought of not having this amazing creation during the winter is simply too tragic!)in my pressure canner. I’m definitely in the “I like lime in my salsa” group, and even though this might add enough acidity to safely preserve in a hot water bath (I use 1/3-1 cup, depending on how many tomatoes I use), the pressure canner is preferable in a hot summer kitchen anyway. Also, with the PC, you could can the recipe as is with no concerns. It is a wonderful investment, and the reason my shelves are filled with homemade vegetable stock, and other items otherwise not “cannable.” Yesterday I bought another ten pounds of local tomatoes and am about to start on another batch.

    Oh, 11 lbs. pressure, about 15 minutes.

  113. Hi Chelsea! You have a couple options: you could do this in batches in the blender, but make sure you’re pulsing rather than just running the blender, or you can just really finely chop everything (not hard after everything is roasted) and stir together. Either way you’ll still get all the great flavor! Let me know how it goes. πŸ™‚ ~ Erin

  114. Made this today with seeded jalepeno (was what I had on hand) and it was delish! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  115. I just made this salsa because I’ve been craving authentic restaurant style salsa my entire pregnancy… Oh my goodness. Way better than the stuff you get at the restaurant! I love you for posting this!! I’ll never buy store bought salsa again and I plan to use ingredients from my garden and canning it for personal use and gifts next year! Thank you!!!

  116. I LOVE homemade salsa. I actually just made a batch the other night that was too spicy and I couldn’t eat it. I threw the whole thing out after trying to make adjustments to make it not so hot. lol Oops. Could you use red onions and roast them the same way for this?

  117. I found this salsa last year searching for a one-of-a-kind salsa that was out of this world. Well,I got it right with this recipe. There is no better salsa. PERIOD!! I use habenaros from my garden and it has a great amount of burn. Oh how we love this salsa!!! It’s gotta be the roasting. This year I’m going to freeze some to see how it works. I’ll have to do that before the family comes over cause if I wait, I won’t have any left to freeze. Fantastic. I’ll let you all know how it is after freezing it.

  118. Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe. I have been longing for a hot, delicious salsa and this is finally IT! I made it tonight and it’s perfect! Thanks again!!

  119. We have been making this recipe in my family for years. We Mexicans keep it simple and spicy! Anyway, the only thing I do differently is heat up some olive oil and saute the onion and peppers together first. Then wrapped in foil and on the grill they go. I add lime juice when I mix in the cilantro until it tastes just right.

  120. I have all the veggies in the oven as we speak. The whole house smells delicious! I noticed im only waiting on the onions to look translucent because everything else looks ready. Thanks so much for this recipe, I can’t wait to eat it!

  121. Just made this for a family reunion… I might keep it for myself. This stuff is delicious! I only put in five peppers since kids will be eating it. Thanks for sharing this perfect recipe!

  122. Just made this salsa and it’s delicious! I live in Texas and LOVE salsa from restaurants, but there is never anything near the same at the grocery store.

    I made half a recipe (8 tomatoes, 2 yellow onions, 12 serrano peppers, 5 cloves of garlic, about a teaspoon and a half of salt, and one small bunch of cilantro), but I decided it needed a little something else in the flavor so I added three pinches of cumin. It did the trick! I then spooned a few spoonfuls into a bowl and squeezed a tiny bit of lime juice in…decided it was totally unnecessary as it took away from the fresh tomatoes!

    I’m all about spicy things, the spicier the better! This salsa is spicy and it’s a kind of spice that sticks around after you’ve taken a bite, but it’s absolutely delicious!!

    I will never buy salsa from the grocery store again!

  123. I made this the other day, except I used some left over hatch peppers and jalapenos. It was gone in a week! (I only used half) I loved the idea of using roasted onions. I’ve made salsa for years (I’m Mexican/Irish and was raised in a Mexican food loving house!) but this version is perfect and taste almost identical to my grandmothers salsa. Of course nothing can ever taste as good as “Nonnie’s” salsa but this is REALLY darn close! So close I have hope of one day finding that one missing link that she never shared and took with her to heaven. I suspect the missing link it simply that it was HER salsa.. so maybe when my children grow up and that have children this recipe can be MY special salsa.

  124. As a former Texan, I love spicy food with lots of flavor….this is it! Serve with baked chips and you have a wonderful treat!

  125. I really enjoyed this salsa. I’ve always made the chunky salsa before but miss this type from my time living in Texas. I loved how many serranos you used, spicy is the way to go! I did find the amount of garlic a bit overpowering, so I threw in some extra tomatos and it was just right. I can’t wait to make this again. This is a great salsa to start with and tailor make to your own preferences. Thank you!

  126. Have you ever tried adding a tiny bit of lime juice to the recipe? The one i use is very similar to this one, and i find that the lime juice makes it all the better

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  128. Ok, this may be a silly question, but do you remove the skin from the peppers before you put it in the food processor?

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  131. I have made this salsa twice now. I love it!

    Tonight’s batch got zero serrano peppers, but a fair bunch of garden fresh Barkers x-hot, tabasco, and jalapeΓ±o. I also added some fresh lime juice. This recipe yielded me about 5 quart size plastic containers which I put in the freezer.

    It is more helpful in a recipe to list the weight of ingredients rather than “16 full size tomatoes” or “a produce bag full of tomatoes”. I don’t know what that means exactly so I used my best judgement.


  132. Yep, this is the BEST salsa recipe, and SO EASY.

    However, I used only a fraction of the suggested serranos. As far as HEAT goes, I think you should tinker with a small batch first to get your own perfect balance. I also think you could substitute the serranos for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce for a smokey red salsa, and you could also switch out the red tomatoes for a proportionate amount of tomatillos for a salsa verde!

    This is a very versitile recipe, and the main key that makes it the best is ROASTING.

    Thanks so much Erin, I’ve been looking for the best way to make my own salsa and I’ve found it!


  133. I made this over the weekend….such an easy salsa to make….and it is fabulous! Next time I will use less peppers as not everyone in my household likes it as hot as I do, but it is probably one of the best salsas I’ve had… it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  134. I made this last night exactly as you said to (with all 25 peppers and all) and could not be happier. Its the perfect spicy, which apparently means I’m a little heat crazy as well πŸ™‚ It might be a Colorado thing.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the recipe πŸ™‚ We’ll all be eating it tomorrow so that MSU can beat Minnesota.

  135. Ooooh, I can’t wait to try this. I am currently shoveling down the blandest, mildest jar salsa I’ve ever had and it makes me want to cry a little. I’m going to make this tomorrow.

  136. Do you do anything special to the tomatoes first? I’ve made my own variations but when throwing the tomatoes into the food processor and blending to this consistency it comes out almost frothy- maybe the key is roasting first?

    • I’ve had that happen too with non-roasted recipes — to the point that I once ended up with pink salsa. :/ I’ve never had it happen with this one; maybe because of the roasting? With non-roasted ones I have to be careful and do more pulsing than pulverizing, but I haven’t had that trouble here. Let me know how it goes!

  137. I’ve got my second batch cooling at the moment. My 11 yr. old finished off what was left in the jar last night & is the one that has eaten most of it. The only difference I made was using 4-5 peppers. I’m planning on canning a bunch of this soon. For those of you wishing to do the same, please consider investing in a pressure canner for this kind of thing. Thanks so much for this recipe. I’m looking forward to browsing your site for other recipes.

  138. This salsa is superb! I halved the batch and removed the seeds from half of the serrano peppers that I used. This reduced the heat but still gives it great flavor. I also squeezed some lime juice in mine at the end. Delicious!!! I’m making my second batch RIGHT NOW! YUM!!!

  139. After reading every single review, this is how I decided to make the salsa.

    10 Roma Tomatoes
    10 Jalepeno Peppers (I took out seeds after roasting them)
    1 1/2 Yellow Onions
    3 Garlic Cloves

    I roasted everything at 375 for 40 minutes, and then mixed it in the food processor and added 1/2 tbsp salt. It tasted great! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

  140. I’ve made this salsa twice now. First time I cut the recipe in half and that was gone way too quick! So I made a bigger batch and shared it with my mom and friend and got GREAT feedback! This is honestly best salsa ever made! Good job πŸ™‚

  141. Hi! The salsa looks AMAZING!!! I bought all of the ingredients to make this but I bought individual Roma tomatoes (not in a produce bag). Can you tell me how many Roma tomatoes to use?
    Thanks SO much!! Can’t wait to try this!!!!

  142. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I make one similar to this with chipotles in adobo added when I blend it. I make that one for my son but I don’t like chipotles so yours sounds perfect to me. Will probably add the lime juice since it seems to make most salsas better.

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  144. Wow this was delicious, I’ve been searching all kinds of store bought salsa and can’t find one good enough to stick with. I’ve been saving a few empty jars for when i was ready to make this recipe. This was wonderful but did leave a few peppers out because the store clerk told me these he has are extreamly hot. Thank You so much for posting this recipe you are AWSOME…

  145. WOW!! This was so good! I made it for the week of Thanksgiving and everyone who was here for the games on Thanksgiving night LOVED it and couldn’t believe that I had made it myself. I did not use as many peppers as recipe asked for but I already knew that only my hubby could handle the hotness. All in all it was great and I will be making it often! Oh mine has been stored in an airtight container now for 3 weeks and still tastes the same as the first day so it keeps well. We are just about empty on it so I will be making more in the coming weeks.

  146. I just tried to make this salsa and it didn’t come out very well it was weird and sweet and then after that it burns and molests the taste buds. Your picture looks a lot better than mine and now I have all this salsa and I don’t know how to fix it do you have any suggestions. I’m thinking about adding a can of chipotle in adobo. There is no smoky middle flavor it is all heat and sweetness.

  147. I just got finished making this salsa. I halved the batch, and it made PLENTY!! It didn’t quite turn out like I was hoping though. I made a couple of modifications (less cilantro, fewer peppers), but other than that I followed the directions. I used my blender because I don’t have a large enough food processor (mine holds 1-2 cups only), and the salsa came out the consistency of a fruit smoothie. I did half of my batch first, which turned out almost liquified. I did my second half on a lower setting to see if it would puree it less, but it didn’t change it. What could I do differently that would give the salsa some consistency? I love the flavor and my mouth is BURNING after eating some! I love it!

    • Hi Nicole! Sorry to be slow in responding — just had a baby! πŸ™‚ I haven’t tried the salsa in the blender myself, but I wonder if it would help to kind of pulse it in the blender rather than just running it full speed? Adding in some chopped fresh (or even canned — hard time of year for fresh) tomatoes would probably help with the texture too if it’s too liquified.

  148. Oh my gosh I know I’m behind the times but just tried this and it’s A-Maz-ing! Must confess I cut the serrano’s WAY down (6) – we must have hot ones here in Nebraska! But thank you, thank you for sharing omg! YUM!!!

  149. So, I just tried this recipe, and i absolutely loooooved it. My mom and i did add a few extra things however. about 1T of Cumin and a dash of Cayenne, (The more heat the better)and we loved it. It added a smoky flavor that our whole family loved. It was great over some homemade tortillas and on our tacos tonight. We left the consistancy just a bit thicker, however, to add more texture to our already soft taco meat. Thank you so much for this recipe. truly lifechanging!

  150. I’m so disappointed that this recipe has been “out there” for over 2 years and I’m just now finding it. Better late than never, right?!? I found it about 2 hours ago and sent the hubby out to get the ingredients ASAP. I halfed the recipe but have the other half roasting now after trying it, LOL!! SO.STINKIN’.GOOD!!!! I can’t wait to try it with vine ripe tomatoes this summer. I was also surprised at how naturally sweet it is! Thanks SO much for sharing!!!!

  151. I honestly didn’t check in others posts, but once this salsa is made, how long will it last in the fridge? It looks like it would make alot. Would hate for it to go bad if we can’t eat it fast enough.

    Will be making it later this week! Already got a few bags of blue corn tortilla chips stocked!

    • Folks are reporting as long as three weeks — it definitely does make a lot! I’ve frozen it in quart size bags with no problems, or you could just cut the recipe in half if you’re worried about too much. Let me know how you like it! πŸ™‚

  152. Awesome, I found something to make this this weekend for my niece’s baby shower…so excited! My hubby said to make sure i leave some home for his chips. (game day Sunday!)

    Thanks so much for this!

  153. So, are you all saying that once I puree the roasted goodness after using all the peppers the recipe called for that my husband won’t be able to eat it because its so hot???

  154. I made this recipe and really loved it. The roasted flavor is terrific. So many peppers make it just a bit too hot for me, but the husband and son love it. My Mexican friends liked it, too, but it wasn’t quite quite quite hot enough for them. I pulsed it in the food processor in batches, and then used a hand blender (not what you use on cakes, but what you use to make smoothies in the cup) to de-chunkify it a little more. Thanks for the recipe. Glad I found it.

  155. Made last week-end– did 4 serrano, 5 frozen Jalapeno and 2 fresh jalapeno peppers for 1/2 bath- very hot! Would reduce next time

  156. As we say in south Louisiana, “Bon Mange!”. I do have a question though about roasting the veggies. Has anyone tried roasting them on their bbq pit? I was just wondering how that would taste.

  157. i am working on making this right now, and after reading all the comments im thinking twice about putting all the peppers i just got done roasting in. they are cooling now. cant wait to eat >.<

  158. I made this and it turned out wonderful, I used the roma tomatoes, cause they had a sale on them….. I think i need to get a few more and add to it cause it is hot….I didnt put all the serranos in cause i also used 2 habeneros. I sent the recipe to a canning expert to find out if it could be canned….She is a certified canner…..she has a website and a facebook site that is awesome for questions and recipes….Here website is and its sbcanning on facebook…..Check her out….. Now back to the Salsa Its wonderful and here is her response about canning this…..

  159. sorry about that here is her response:
    the amount of onions is not clear. How many cups does that usually yield? You can make this recipe buy you will have to add acid to the jars directly… I would add 1 Tablespoon of bottled lemon juice to each pint and 2 tablespoons to each quart. You will not taste the lemon juice afters it’s been processed but will preserve the foods so that they are shelf stable. Ladle into pints or quarts leaving 1/2″ headspace and process for 15 minutes in water bath canner…

  160. HOT!! Just the way I like it. My dad has an almost identical recipe (he based his off the ingredients listed in Herdez), but his wasn’t roasted. I like it roasted, it cuts the raw onion flavor. I blended the serrano separately and added it until I liked it. I tossed the rest in my guac, great stuff. Thanks much!

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  162. Hi, I made this the other day and I was wondering what you mean by 1-2 bunches of cilantro. I quartered the recipe and put about 1/4-1/2 bunch of cilantro and it was way too much. We couldn’t even eat it, it was so awful. I think it came out to be about 1 cup of cilantro. Ooooohhhh, wait… I just re-read the ingredients. I didn’t have enougn tomatoes!!! I used 4 roma tomatoes, not 4 big ones. That probably would have helped. I’ll have to re-try this and add in another serrano pepper or two. Thanks! I hope its delicious because, like you, I’m always craving salsa.

  163. Got a dumb question for you. Do you just use the leaves of the cilantro or throw the whole thing in? I’m going to make this for Superbowl on Sunday, can’t believe it was posted two years ago and I didn’t see it til now. I LOVE salsa. Chips and salsa are a regular meal for me because it’s perfection! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  164. We tried this last night, and were so pleased! My husband said that it was the best salsa he had ever made! I even got a “good job” kiss from the resident cook! I’m the kind who will just take a whole bowl of salsa and eat it by itself, so thanks for the low calorie snack!

  165. I’m trying this right now, but I’m trying to make a smaller batch. (About 1/4 of this size). We’ll see how it goes. I’ve been waiting forever to try this recipe and I’m really excited!!

  166. I just made this for the Superbowl. Had to make less and I think most people will. One thing I did different was I found some beautiful red jalapenos and I added them to it, of course, taking a few serranos out. Overall, it was the taste I have been looking for.
    I have a Vitamix and I sort pulverized it so it’s not the same consistency as the picture. However it still tastes awesome. I think i might try not blending it some much next time just to see the difference.

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  168. About how long would you say you should roast the tomatoes/onions/peppers? I did about 35 minutes and the salsa tasted great but the color was a little unappetizing. Like a dull reddish/brown rather than bright red like in your picture. Did I over-roast?

  169. Recipe and photos are terrific. Can you ask your cousin if I could make this in a larger batch (double batch) and can it? Also do you think adding lemon or lime juice or vinegar would change the recipe to much to up the acidity for canning. Looks like something my family would really love. Thank you.

    • You can definitely double the recipe (more salsa is always better in my book). There has been much discussion in the comments about canning it; unfortunately I know little to nothing about canning so I’m not much help. Some have said pressure canning is the way to go with this so you don’t have to worry about the acidity? I’ve frozen it fine, for whatever that’s worth.

  170. I am roasting my veggies as I type! So excited to make fresh salsa tonight for my family. I didn’t have any serrano on hand so I’m using a few jalepeno. This is just more inspiration for me to grow my own tomatoes and such this summer. Woo hoo!!

  171. UPDATE
    I was short a few tomatoes and added in 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of crushed tomatoes and I just tried it. FANTASTIC! It rivals the salsa of my fave tex mex spot here in Georgia!

  172. I made this salsa yesterday and it was very good. I made an adjustment today and now it is AMAZING! I made a half batch with 8 Roma tomatoes, 1 large yellow onion, 5 cloves of garlic and 10 serranos. It ended up VERY thick and lacking in tomato flavor. Today, I pulled it out of the fridge, put it in a sauce pan and added a 15 oz can of tomato sauce. I allowed that to simmer for about 15 minutes just to marry the flavors. I added a tablespoon of lime juice and now the salsa is absolutely the BEST I’ve ever had. The only thing I might change in the future is to substitute half of the serranos with 3 jalapenos to back the heat off just a hair.

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  174. Very unsatisfied, such a shame I was so excited. Way, way too hot, even for my boyfriend who layers hot sauce onto everything. Disappointed, for sure. Will find a way to tone it down somehow…

  175. This may be a stupid question but do you remove the stems from the cilantro or just throw in the whole bunch? Thank you πŸ™‚

  176. Hi, I love all the recipe you share with us, have one question, what camera are you using to take these beautiful quality pictures? Hope to hear from you. Thanks Jasmine

  177. Oh my! I was just craving GOOD Mexican food. I was born and raised in So. Cal. Moved to Arizona in my 20s. And have been in Missouri for 14 years now. NOT a good place for authentic Mexican!!!

  178. Erin, Noticed in one of the pix you have a small covered pot in the oven next to the roasting tomatoes. Is there something you left out in the recipe?

  179. So delish. Used 32 Roma tomatoes and 14 Serranos, spicy! Have seven more roasted and think I’m going to add a few more…we’ll see what hubby thinks…

  180. I just made this tonite and it was INCREDIBLE! I did squeeze a bit of lime juice from a half lime in there for an extra bit of flavor. Even my extremely picky son liked it! I found this site on Pinterest and am so happy I did! Thanks so much for wonderful recipe – definitely a keeper πŸ™‚

  181. This recipe sounds sooo yummy. I am making it right now! Everything is in the oven minus a lot of peppers! lol. I will for sure be back soon to tell you how I made it (I can never follow directions)and how it turned out.

  182. Ok, I’m back, salsa is made. Mine is about the same is your I cut everything in about half, but I only used 5 jalapeno peppers. I then followed the rest of your recipe. So I tried it not to long after getting done blending it, And yes this is a very yummy salsa. I ended up having salsa for lunch. It looks and tastes sooo good. It will take everything in me not to eat it all before the party in 2 days. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  183. OMG, I am looking for this type of salsa. When I saw the picture of your salsa, I said THAT’s IT!! I can’t wait to try it, thanks for posting.

  184. Hi, This was my first time making salsa. Your photo jumped out at me initially because it is a “non chunky” salsa (i don’t like chunky salsa). I liked the idea of “roasting” as well because I don’t really like onions or peppers (fresh). WOWIE, this was so easy and is so delicious. I live in Northern Europe and therefore had to substitute the following:
    Serrano Peppers = 2 fresh red peppers and some canned jalepenos.
    Cilantro = fresh coriander leaves (tastes just the same…is it the same??)
    OMG though, thanks thanks! I love your writing style by the way, your enthusiasm is so contagious, keep it up!!!!

  185. making it right now! I am making a half batch to try it out! my house smells AMAZING right now!

  186. You know what will push this right over the top into BEST SALSA IN THE UNIVERSE territory? A healthy sprinkle of Mexican oregano. Seriously. Tryyyyyy it.

  187. I used the same amount of Roma tomatoes as serrano’s, 20 of each and it wasn’t hot at all. Dud peppers? I’m trying jalapeΓ±os next time. Also, the consistency was too thick, can I add tomato juice or sauce to thin it?

  188. I made this salsa today and it was AMAZING!!! I used 10 lbs of Roma Tomatoes, 25 Large Serrano Chiles, 3 onions, 10 cloves of garlic, and (1) bunch of cilantro with only (1) tablespoon of salt. It was good, but something was missing ~ so I added (1) teaspoon of Cumin, (1/2) teaspoon of Coriander, and the juice of a lime. PERFECTION!!!

  189. If you really want to put a nice twist on this recipe, put the tomatoes, onions, garlic and pepers on a foil sheet and place in smoker for 3 hours, I use Pecan wood for a smooth smoke flavor. I cant keep the stuff in house..Plus, I also make and fry my own chips.

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  192. Im going to make this because it looks amazing and I love chips and salsa, I can the local Mexican restaurant at least once a week and just get their chips and salsa to go for lunch. I however am the only one who eats it, my children are too young. Could I can this or maybe, what would I need to do to can this type of salsa?

    • The general consensus has been that this recipe would need to be pressure canned; I don’t know if it meets the acidity requirements for water bath canning so I don’t know that it would be safe. You can freeze it though!

  193. I looked at a few canned salsa recipes online and it looks to me like the only thing they have that your recipe doesn’t is a little sugar and vinegar so I might play around with the ingredients so I can can this, i never have enough freezer space. I made this last night but used jalapeΓ±os and took out the seeds because my son wanted some, he ate a whole bowl of it by himself it was so good but there wasn’t enough heat so next time I’ll leave some of the seeds in. It was very good though, I think it’ll be better once the ingredients all come together after its been in the fridge! Thanks!

  194. YUM!!! This looks amazing…..something exciting about making it from scratch ! Not only do we get the health benefits, but we also get the feeling of ‘pride’ that we made it ourselves..wohooo!

  195. So good!! This is burning my mouth though!! I added a little bit of sugar to offset some heat with a little sweet πŸ™‚ I am thinking of roasting more tomatoes to add though it is so hot!

  196. Mine turned out green.. i followed the recipe to the tee i used 16 toms, 25 serranos, only one cilantro bunch do to color. 1.5 onions. and 10 garlic cloves Tablespoon of salt. did anyone else have this problem? i added a few more toms i thought maybe mine were on the small side but its still greenish. its great, but an odd color. Awesome heat hot but not to super hot! although i love hot…any thoughts?

  197. Just curious (and it may have already been addressed in the comments above, but for lack of time to read them all) Has anyone tried canning this recipe? I have a large garden and would like to put salsa up for year-round use.

  198. There are no adequate words! Discovered this recipe yesterday and made this morning. It is great!Tastes just like my local authentic Mexican restaurant, and I don’t mean Taco Bell. I used 18 whole jalapenos and it is very hot, but not too hot to eat. I used 25 Roma tomatoes from my garden along with the 18 peppers from my friends garden. I researched several sites and canning books and decided to can this salsa. I used 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice per half-pint jar and processed them with a water bath. Now I have to decide who to share with or am I going to horde it for myself? I guess another batch is in order! Thanks for a great recipe. It is now my only salsa recipe. πŸ™‚

  199. Made for the first time this afternoon. The aroma while roasting the veggies was wonderful. I did add a small amount of smoked paprika for an added flavor. My husband loved it! I’ll be making again, thanks.

  200. I just made this and it seems kinda sweet to me! Does the roasting bring out a sweetness? I used my own tomatoes – and jalapeΓ±os but still has a great taste! Just a touch sweet like all the store bought salsas . I might try some lime juice but don’t want to alter the taste. Any ideas??

  201. I just made the salsa recipe and was disappointed that it did not look like yours. I tried to half the recipe. This is what I used: 8 vine ripened tomatoes, 1 1/2 yellow tomatoes, 8 serrano peppers, 5 cloves garlic. I roasted them until the onions were translucent. Probably around 40 minutes. When I processed them, I did add a bit of lime juice, 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper. The color did not look as vibrant and rich as yours. Do you think it is because I either did not roast long enough to get a darker color or I should have used Roma tomatoes. The taste was good but I was expecting amazing. Any suggestions?

    • I would guess it was the type of tomatoes — sometimes the bigger ones are a lighter red than romas, and especially with the yellow tomatoes added in I would bet that’s the culprit. I’m glad it tasted good! Maybe try again with romas and see what you think?

  202. Erin, I bet it was the tomatoes. The color of the salsa was not as vibrant. I meant to type 1 1/2 yellow onions not yellow tomatoes. I will try this again, roast longer and use roma tomatoes. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  203. I just found your blog yesterday, and made your salsa last night tio serve along with chicken enchiladas with a cour cream chile sauce. I loved this salsa! It is easy to prepare, and worth the wait of oven roasting the veggies. I used a acouple of jalapenos instead of the serranos and added a little salt and lime. I allowed it to chill in the fridge and the flavors just got better with time. Hands down, the best homemade salsa I have ever made…or had for that matter! Thanks for sharing!

  204. Just made this recipe today!! (Found it today too) I have to say it ROCKS!! Thanks so much for sharing it! Wonderful flavor, super easy, and totally worth any small effort! I added lime juice and cumin but it would have been yummy even without it!! SSeriously happy to have found this! Thanks again!

  205. Our stores here do not sell Roma tomatoes by produce bag. How many Roma’s do you estimate you used?

  206. Erin- Thank you so much for your quick reply! This recipe looks fabulous! Can’t wait to taste the finished product!

  207. This looks amazing! I’m wondering if there is something I can substitute for the cilantro? I just don’t really care for the flavor of it. Any ideas would be great! πŸ™‚

    • Oh The Cousin will want to poke me in the eyeball for saying this, but after this last pregnancy I cannot handle cilantro anymore! You’re totally speaking my language. I would just leave it out, and maybe add a squeeze of lime juice if you want a little extra flavor in there, and some acid to go with the sweetness of the roasted tomatoes.

  208. Since there is no vinegar or lemon juice in your salsa, you probably should pressure can this recipe. Any County Extension office can give you recipes to can. You can check their recipes and then can according to their directions. I can salsa all the time and it’s great.

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  210. Making this right now with all my tomatoes from my garden! Just roasting the veggies in the oven smells delicious! Can’t wait to eat it!

  211. ONE THING WAS MISSING… CUMIN A COUPLE OF tsp w/the lime juice hits the spot beware adding lime juice may require more salt for balance of tastebuds…but i give a smashed w/ a hammer….. thumbs up

  212. I made this last year and froze it in Ball plastic containers. Had the last jar at our Cinco De Mayo party this year and everyone loved it! Got everything ready to go to make several batches today! Thanks for the great recipe!

  213. I’ve made this a few times now. Favorite salsa by far! My boyfriend likes his salsa super spicy, so we add in a habanero or two.

  214. Made this a couple of days ago…HANDS DOWN BEST SALSA EVER. I got so many compliments on this. I made a few changes to adjust the amount. I used:
    15 roma tomatoes
    1 yellow onion
    10 serrano peppers
    5 cloves of garlic
    1 tbs. salt
    3/4 bunch of cilantro

    Mine was very spicy and SOOOOOOO good.

  215. Just got back from the grocery store and am preheating the oven. Never tried to make salsa before but have always wanted to. Making it for husband’s 50th birthday party on Saturday…keep your fingers crossed!

  216. OK, I just read this recipe, and all 304 comments (really), got the ingredients from various gardens, and the goods are a roastin’. Can’t wait for nachos dinner!

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  218. I made a batch of this (with a few modifications) this afternoon. It’s fantastic! Thank you! You can see my version (with photos) here:
    Salsa Roja

  219. We pressure canned this salsa last year and are back for more! Pressure canning worked well – however it will decrease the heat in your salsa. I made this salsa with enough peppers till it was so hot I couldn’t eat it fresh – but once it was canned it was just the right heat level…

    • What weight and time did you use to pressure cook the salsa roja? My canner has 5/10/15 pound weights. You didn’t add anything else into the recipe right? Adding a little lime juice would be ok? Pressure cooking it doesn’t change the texture much on this recipe does it? Many thanks, Bonnie

    • Bonnie-
      We have a gauge pressure canner and canned at 11 lbs for 30 minutes. We didn’t modify the recipe the first year but this year we added fresh tomatoes to the mix since my husband wanted less roasted tomato flavor. Adding lime juice would be fine in my opinion, although we weren’t worried about the acidity of the salsa since we were pressure canning. I’ve never eaten this salsa fresh (it is too hot for me before we process it) so I don’t know if the texture changes. It is a smooth salsa, not chunky.

  220. I am not a salsa eater. I was looking for a recipe to make some for my husband. Pinterest led me here, and I made this recipe today. Today, I began to be a salsa eater. My husband loved it and I did to. Thanks for sharing.

  221. OMG!! Made it. LOVE it! I love salsa and you are correct this is the BEST SALSA EVER!! Shared it with some of my coworkers and they agree! Thank you for sharing.

  222. Made this with the multitude of heirloom cherry tomatoes from the garden. Roasted the peppers and onions on the grill, peeled and seeded them and tossed it all in the blender (in batches). Added cumin and 1.5 teaspoons lime juice per quart and hot water canned some of the batch. Smashed up some avocado with about a cup of the salsa and had chips and guacamole for lunch. Great recipe. Thanks

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  224. Just made a 1/2 recipe with 14 Roma tomatoes, 2 small yellow onions, 5 garlic cloves, almost 1 whole bunch of cilantro, 12 serranos, 1 tbsp salt, 1 lime squeezed, and 1 habenero. Using my Ninja Master Prep, I had to do this in 2 batches. In the first batch, I blended half of all the ingredients without the habenero, and it was definitely VERY hot. If I was making this for others, I would probably substitute half of the serranos with jalapenos (e.g. 6 serranos and 3-4 jalapenos, depending on size) and no habeneros. But I love, love spicy hot.

    tl;dr I’m a salsa freak, and this is the best salsa I’ve ever made! Thanks, OPK!

  225. This is delicious and so easy to make, plus cheap — I made a HUGE mixing bowl full of it for just over 3 bucks! Can’t beat that. I used the grill to roast everything and I was very impressed with the results. Thank you for this recipe! It is my go-to from now on.

  226. This is so good! I just made this today. I had a bunch of tomatoes from my garden that I had no clue what to do with. I am the only salsa eater in the house so I made it with four medium-ish heirloom tomatoes, four jalapeno peppers, one small onion, and three cloves of garlic. I also roasted an ear of corn in the oven at the same time… threw it all in the blender except the corn (including the delicious juices on the pain) and pulsed it just enough to make it chunky and then put it on low for maybe 10 seconds just to get any stray big pieces… mixed in the corn… YUM! It turned out to be about the same consistency of popular jarred salsas but 100x better. This amount of veggies made just over 2 cups of this wonderful stuff.

  227. I just found this today through Pinterest. I am making a special trip to the Farmer’s Market to get the ingredients to make this. I usually order light at my fave Mexican restaurant so I can chow down on chips and salsa and am looking so forward to making this. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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  229. I am trying this right now! Everything is in the oven roasting, and I can’t wait to dig in! I, like you, am a salsa officianato! my most favorite snack ever! I make a pretty good salsa, but this caught my eye. I have never roasted my veggies before, so I can’t wait! I also pinned this on Pinterest. Of course linking it to your page! Thanks for posting! I will post after trying it and tell you how I like it!

  230. LUV IT! I did add a little lime and a little Seracha hot sauce just to give it a little zip….but it’s fantastic! Thanks so much for posting!

  231. OMG! This is amazing, I pinned it months ago and finally made it today! It is out of this world! Mine is a little bit more watery than in the picture but still great!

  232. sorry but this recipe is fail, and anyone who thinks this is the best salsa has obviosuly never had real salsa. Come to New Mexico where REAL salsa was BORN ~!~

  233. This is so delish and very easy to make! Everyone that I’ve served it to begs for the recipe. You’ll be happy you tried this one!

  234. im going to use this as a base, i will roast some cubanella peppers as well as others. thanks for the saturaday afternoon snack idea

  235. Good salsa, decided to cook on stove with lemon juice,and chilpolte peppers, and red and yellow (small sweetpeppers)wow ,I also make it with only part in blender,didn’t want all blended. Thanks for sharing.

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  237. I love how bob says this isn’t authentic salsa. k Bob. I think i speak for all New Meixcans when we say “shut the f up.” F-ing salsa guru over here

  238. i’m making this now! everythings in the oven πŸ™‚ i don’t have a food processor, so i’m going to just chop it all by hand n hope it tastes good still lol thank you for sharing!!

  239. Found it pretty ordinary, but with some fried onions, tomato paste and ground beef, it made an excellent lasagna filling!

  240. Ah, but I live in PerΓΊ with an extensive background in Indian food. I didnΒ΄t make it on the scale described, but included rocotos, the strongest local variety of chili pepper, with seeds and all. The lasagna would blow the socks off any Italian!

  241. I made this deliciousness Today for an election party tonight…. All i can say is ooohhmygosh, yum!!! Thank you for this!

  242. hey this really looks awesome but i was wondering is there a recipe to make a smaller batch? im not looking to make too much but id love to give it a shot! id really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  243. Wow! I made this salsa and I was blown away! I usually make salsa at home as I prefer the freshness and this was amazing. I did make a small amount ( which kept us all wanting more ). I didn’t roast the onion as I wanted more texture so I just diced it. I added some fresh lime and yum! Can’t wait to make it again!

  244. Please Help! I live in Australia and have no idea where to find the peppers you suggest! Any alternative suggestions? I have been trying to find a way to make salsa since moving here to no avail! Thanks!

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  248. Just made the salsa exactly to the recipe only half the chilis, which happened to be quite hot this time around. It is delicious! This is my new recipe for salsa! My husband is Hispanic and he loves it! Having people over for dinner of enchiladas, rice and beans tomorrow. Can’t wait for the raves! Thank you so much!

  249. I am no professional cook and I am learning every day. Can you tell me what to do with the cilantro? Do you use just the leaves or just throw the whole bunch in with stems and all?

  250. Made this salsa tonight and it was delicious! I have a homemade salsa recipe however I never roasted my onions, peppers & tomatoes which I always felt something was missing. Roasting for sure makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing your recipe it very well may replace my old recipe…

  251. Hi iΒ΄m Mexican, and as such iΒ΄m a salsa expert.. let me make a suggestion:

    Try this same recipe adding fresh ground basil leaves.. just a few… and a squeeze of lemon.. its paradise!

    And you can also substitute serrano chile with piquin chili.. it tastes amazing… original recipe from a mexican country farmer !

  252. I made this over the weekend and it was a HUGE hit!! So easy to make and so very tasty! I will never have to try another salsa recipe again πŸ™‚

  253. Just made this and it’s amazing! My husband and I were just standing at the kitchen counter stuffing our faces with chips and this.

    I did make a few adjustments based on others reviews. I didn’t want to make a whole batch, so I did about a third.
    I did 6 tomatoes to 6 serranos, 1 onion, 5 cloves garlic, half a bunch of cilantro and salt to taste. I think it’s the perfect amount of heat for just dipping chips (although for us, I’ll probably add 1 or 2 more next time). I also added some lime at the end because it needed it. Finally, when I roasted everything as directed, the garlic cloves were dried up chunks by the time the other stuff was ready. So I ended up using fresh garlic. We’re married, so breath isn’t an issue πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome recipe! Next time I’ll make a whole batch since I predict this will be gone by tomorrow and I’ll do the equal amounts tomato to pepper ratio for our taste πŸ™‚

  254. I made this today and found the spice level to be perfect for me and my husband. Then again, we use Sriracha like ketchup. I added lime juice because I knew that I would miss it. Excellent recipe.

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  257. omg – THANK YOU!!! I have been searching for an authentic mexican salsa recipe for so long. Thank you for sharing this. IT’S AMAZING.

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  259. Confessed salsa-holic. Searching for a new salsa recipe when I found this one. Looks similar to mine, and it is GOOD! Try this variation: I pre-heat the grill and add mesquite wood chips in a smoke box; quarter tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hellish), and onions (reds add flare); drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Kosher or Sea salt; toss (a really big bowl works well); arrange on veggie grill pan (mine has slots to allow even heating); when grill and wood start smoking, reduce to low heat and place veggie pan on grill, then COVER; no peeking for about 5-10 minutes; listen to water sizzling away from tomatoes, etc.; remove from heat (ah, smoky effervescence is delightful) and push through food processor immediately; cook in stock pot, adding lime juice, other seasonings, and a bit of tomato paste to thicken; remove, EAT IT HOT, or to the canning process. No two batches are the same. My friends regularly gorge themselves, but I’m still searching for something really unique. The quest continues….

  260. Made this a couple days ago and it’s almost gone already. Bringing jars of it to my friends and family too. We LOVE it. Thank you!

  261. I am Mexican and I love this salsa. If you boil it and then add some chihuahua or manchego cheese you’ll get a delicious recipe. You can also try it with deep-fried potato chips and add a tbsp of oregano.

  262. I have made this recipe 3-4 times, and it is amazing. But I have a question. The first couple of times, it turned out more like the picture. The last couple of times, it is more gelatinous, like a mousse instead of a sauce. I feel like I’ve done it the same way each time… so I can’t figure out the difference. I would prefer the more liquid version. Any ideas? Perhaps I am not roasting the tomatoes long enough? After I take them out, i remove the skins. They are not blackened, usually. Should I keep them in until they are?

  263. I just found this recipe today and made it this evening. I am so excited I did. I followed the recipe, however I used 15 serranos and 10 were seeded. I only used 1/2 bunch of cilantro, because my son is not a big fan.
    IT IS DELICIOUS!!! My daughter, son and I cannot stop eating it.
    I did boil some for 10 minutes, then transferred to quart jars. I am only doing this so that it will travel well next week. I am sure it will all be eaten in a matter of hours once we get to the beach!

    THANK YOU so much for this recipe. I will be using it from now on!

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  265. One of the little known rules of manliness is that every man has must know how to make salsa. It’s somewhere between knowing how to make a campfire and knowing how to fight of muggers. thank you for your contribution to manliness.

  266. I can’t believe how many people think its to hot.. I use 25 very spicy serrano from my garden and it was perfect. Awesome recipe I have made it many times and its alway great.


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  268. I made this salsa, but tweaked it a little because the amount of serranos this recipe called for I knew it was going to set my innards on fire as it went down. So I used half of the serranos and substituted jalapenos and waxed yellow peppers for the other half. It turned out very tasty, but still very hot. I also canned the salsa using a water bath of ten minutes. I didn’t add lemon juice because the tomatoes have enough acid. Thank you for your tasty recipe.

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  271. This is similiar to how I do mine, but if you simply add some garlic cloves and juice of limes, you will then have a perfect salsa!!!

  272. I just discovered this recipe. It tasted very good, but mine came out almost browm instead of red. Looked like a roux or a thick gravy. I followed the recipe exactly. Anyone have any idea what would have made my color so far off?

  273. I just wanted to leave a note to say THANK YOU for this recipe. Now a kitchen staple. One of the very few ways I have found to have my husband eat veggies, and like it!

  274. We just got a new food processor and decided to try this. Normally, we just chop our salsa, more like a pico de gallo. However, I like the restaurant salsa like pictured here.
    For some reason, mine came out pasty and looks much lighter than the one pictured. Any ideas?

  275. Hi I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the foundation for the salsa I was looking for! I am working on making the salsa my own by tweaking, adding/changing some ingredients, but what you have is a winner in itself.

    If you like it hot, I recommend simply adding some orange or red savina habaneros to the ingredients. The first time I did that it added the wonderful flavor of a good habanero while kicking it up just a notch in the heat department. I suggest adding 4 habaneros to the roasting and leaving the serrano quantity the same. Mmmmmmmmm so good!

    Again, thanks so much as this was just a perfect way to start!

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  278. I just made a batch this morning. I LOVE salsa and would eat just chips and salsa for dinner but….not a good example for the kids. Any way this salsa was great. I have a recipe I’ve been making for years but this was more like the restaurant style I am so found of. I don’t like overpowering heat so I adjusted the peppers and added other varieties for taste. I like it just the way it is but a great starting point for anyone who wants to give it their own twist, but trust me good just the way it is.

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  281. All I have to say is wow, this salsa is amazing! I did add a few squirts of lime juice, just because my tomatoes tasted a bit sweet after roasting. It also has a nice slow burn of heat, but mixed with some guacamole or cheesy goodness is awesome. Thank you!

  282. Anyone have the recepie for a smaller batch? Looks good but I don’t think my husband and I can finish this big batch before it goes bad. Thanks

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  286. I consider myself a salsa fanatic as well. I’d like to try this recipe, but I’ll admit I’m skeptical about the roasting process… Let me test your salsa taste. What’s your favorite jarred salsa brand?

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  290. Hi! I have searced for the Perfect salsa ever since I first visited US. Now I’ve found it! Thank you!! But could I recomend one small change? I also used lime at the finished product. That made it even better.

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  296. I just wanted to say, we have been making this salsa for a little over a year now, and yes, I made a few adjustments, the amount of the peppers, my husband loves hot, but I cannot handle it, addition of lime juice, and today I added a tsp of cumin, the jury is still out on the cumin. So after roasting all the vegetables I split them in half trying to keeping the size portions approximately the same. I generally use about 10-12 jalapeno peppers vs. the serrano peppers. I put about 8-10 in his batch with seeds and only 2-3 in mine deseeded (I am a sissy, I know).

    I would like to toss in another way you could serve this. We have friends who own a Mexican restaurant and they serve a large scoop of guacamole in a large bowl and then spoon in this type of salsa around it and the salsa is warmed. The salsa and guacamole is delicious together!!

    Thanks again for sharing your recipe!!!

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  298. Girl, you are my salsa soul mate! I eat mass quantities of chips and salsa myself. Can’t wait to try this recipe, hoping it tastes like Chevy’s roasted salsa that I miss dearly since they closed here in Del Mar. Thank you for sharing!

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  301. This sounds wonderful!! And reminds me of my grandmother, who lived in Lima, Peru for much of her life. She, like you, apparently had a “nothing is too hot” condition. She ate salsa that was so hot even their Peruvian friends couldn’t eat it. She snacked on little tiny chiles called (I think) “ahi”; they were about 2 1/2″ long, bright yellow, and raised blisters in my little 3 year old brother’s nose & on his hands after he, yes, stuffed one up his nose. Poor little thing ended up with a nose stuffed with bread. Which sounds weird but helped.

    My grandfather always said he was afraid to kiss her. I’m not too sure he was kidding.

    I can’t wait to try this — and, I confess, with not so many peppers.

  302. I also feel compelled to add the following about heat from peppers. This is such a wonderful recipe… but for people like me, not workable with the type & number of peppers. The only thing that affects my eating habits is that heat from capsicum physically hurts my stomach. Probably this salsa would not be a good thing for me… but thankfully there are many peppers to choose from so I’m planning to make this many times.

    The Scoville unit chili-pepper-heat-range is from 0 (none)
    10 (between 350,000 to 2.1 million units). The 2.1M pepper was developed “as a result of an on-going competition & is not for consumption”. Golly, I wonder why.

    All the heat-level ranges below are a result of growing conditions.

    New Mexico, Anaheim, Big Jim, Peperonicini: 100-1500 Scoville Units

    Pasilla, Ancho, Poblano Pepper (Fresh), Ancho Chile(Dried Version): 1500-2500 Scoville Units

    Serrano Pepper: 10,000-25,000 Scoville units (rated 5 on a scale of 10).

  303. ONE THING WAS MISSING…CUMIN A COUPLE OF tsp w/the lime juice hits the spot beware adding lime juice may need more salt but i give a smashed w/a hammer..thumb up

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  305. This recipe is perfect – thank you so much for sharing!

    So…yesterday, after reading all reviews, it was only logical to clock-out early and head to Walmart for a food processor and (exact) ingredients shown above. I arrived to a clean home, laid everything out in a neat fashion and began chopping tomatoes and onions while pre-heating oven to 375. The children were just coming home from school, so it was time to raid the refrigerator while also littering the kitchen with bits and pieces amongst my well thought out plan. While doing some various clean-up, I noticed my kitchen drain was clogged. No problem, turn on the disposal, right? After doing this several times, I also noticed (concurrently with my wife) that my socks were wet, and that water was leaking from below the sink at an alarming rate.

    Opening the doors beneath the sink revealed a massive leak that would occur every time the disposal was used. My wife went in to emergency mode and cleared all of the contents below the sink to the kitchen island and various other places available. Obstacle #1.

    She agreed to deal with that while I continued my pursuit to create a large quantity of great salsa. I unpacked my food processor and cleaned it in my bathroom sink. Plugged it in and tested it. Nothing. No power, no lights, nothing. It did not work. 12 minutes left on my oven timer. Obstacle #2.

    After re-packaging the food processor and gathering the receipt, in comes the blender. Not happy about this, but will have to suffice. At this point, I have a very small work space and water on my precious hardwood floors.

    Turns out, the blender worked just fine, and created a great texture using the low setting. I made a batch for the family without the peppers, and then threw in the peppers for the final product. I am not terribly excited about warm salsa, so I did not try it immediately. 2 mason jars in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

    Back to the disposal. No luck, dishes piling up. Papa Johns for dinner.

    2 hours later, and excited, I pull out the salsa and chips and ready to dig in. Wow, Yummy! But I need a little more salt. I add salt, mix, close the lid and return to the couch. I then figure that I might have not mixed it well, so I begin shaking it vigorously. In my mind, I was nearly done with the β€œshake up”, when the lid comes off and spews the entire contents of the jar in my lap and chest. Yes, it was that kind of day. And my wife (bless her heart) showed an incredible amount of patience.

    After cleaning up, and changing clothes, I repeated the above with much better results (that is my version of “Netflix and Chill”). Was it worth it? I think so, because I now have a great recipe that I will be using for years to come. Thanks, Erin!!

    Kitchen drain is still clogged. Kitchen is a mess. But….. This recipe ROCKS!

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  307. I love this recipe. I’ve been wanting to make a good salsa for years. I finally made some and used your recipe. I cut it in half and it made a lot, but that is good since it is delicious! Also, I used a blender and it blended it so well that it came out a different color but still taste great! Thank you for sharing!

  308. I love this recipe it is my stand by. I have started canning recently and wanted to make batches of this to give out as gifts and have around the house. Does anyone know if this is safe to be water bath canned?

    • I know very little about canning, but there’s lots of discussion about this in the comments. The conclusion seems to be that water bath canning isn’t advisable because of the unknown acid level, but pressure canning would be fine.

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  311. Hi. Just made this and it is Delicious!! Of course I didn’t use 20-25 serrano peppers :). Instead I used 3 jalapenos and 2 cayenne. Since I pressure canned it, I added 1T lime juice and 1/2t sugar to each pint. Only got 3 pints so will have to make more cause this definitely won’t last thru the winter. Thank you for this wonderful recipe…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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  314. 9 years later and I just came across this recipe. Omg it’s amazing 😭 I moved away from my godmother who’s straight from Jalisco, MX and I’ve missed her salsa so much this is the first thing that’s come close! Thanks for sharing, I hope you still see these comments! Lol

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  316. First, let me start by saying I have never met a salsa that was too hot. That being said, I would love to make this recipe; however, I do have a question. The recipe calls for 16 full-size tomatoes, or a produce bag full of romas, which I would prefer to use. Considering that a produce bag can come in many sizes, can you just give me the number of romas that would be needed? Thank you. Can’t wait to try this.

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