Wheaties granola

I should tell you how carefully I planned this recipe.

I should tell you how I planned for substituting Wheaties for half the oats in an effort to enhance the texture, flavor, and nutrition of the recipe.

I should also tell you that the truth is I ran out of oats.


Regardless of how [...]

Yogurt, revisited (the lazy method)

I’ve been making yogurt for about three years now, and no matter how I do it one thing never changes: each and every time I am amazed that it actually turns into yogurt. Amazed.

My method has evolved a bit over the years, and my friend Vanessa pointed out recently that my super lazy method [...]

Apple cake muffins

Apples. Oats. Chocolate chips. How can this possibly go wrong?


My friend Vanessa came over while I was in the middle of winging these today, and they turned out to be the perfect dessert after our lunch of chicken and dumplings. They’re based on Rick Bayless’ recipe for Grandma’s Moist Apple Cake from [...]

Spring yogurt

Do you know the difference between winter yogurt and spring yogurt?

Spring yogurt is cuter.

The orginal how-to is here with all the details. But a quick run-down of the process, lest you be afraid:

Heat a quart of milk to 180, add 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 dry milk, plus vanilla or [...]

Yogurt: it’s what’s for breakfast. And lunch. And supper.

The Kiddo has a nearly unholy love for yogurt. It is his fail safe, will-eat-anytime food even when he won’t eat anything else. I make it myself for two reasons: 1. It’s SO much cheaper. A quart of organic milk to make my own yogurt costs me $1.50. A quart of organic yogurt in [...]