Chicken Lazone

This is one of those fabulous recipes that is so simple and easy to make, but tastes like you spent a long time on it. BONUS.

It originally comes, I’m told, from Brennan’s in New Orleans; I found it here on

The sauce is rich and creamy without being complicated, and because I used [...]

Ranch chicken firecrackers

Out of desperation comes one of my favorite new snacks! Isn’t that often the way?

My friend Traci made me some firecrackers (fire crackers? Two words?) last summer and was kind enough to scribble down the recipe for me. I made some more of them last week but was trying to talk myself into something [...]

Pan-roasted chicken thighs

I kind of never know what to do with chicken thighs. Chicken breasts? No problem. Ditto whole chickens. But I wasn’t sure what to do with chicken thighs till I saw this recipe, which looked simple and delicious. The end result is fantastic! Very tasty, with crispy skin that makes it seem like you’re eating [...]

Crockpot Italian Chicken

I have been wracking my brain (and my computer) trying to figure out the source for this recipe! I saw this Pin on Pinterest and thought it sounded great… but when I clicked through it went to a white cheddar chicken pasta recipe. While that also sounds fabulous, it’s not what I was looking for [...]

Traci’s tropical chicken

I’m kind of a crazy woman right now with a teething baby and homeschooling Kiddo, so I’m going on the assumption that a yummy recipe with no picture is better than no recipe at all. Right??

My sweet friend Traci sent me this recipe — her favorite standby meal. She makes it straight-up BBQ [...]