Myrtle Dip

What, like that’s not a descriptive name?

Kiddo’s Aunt Myrtle (hands seen in picture) made this for me this weekend. We may or may not have eaten it sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace and a chick flick. Ahem.

Myrtle Dip


1 block cream cheese 1 can [...]

Apple Craisin tart

First, I must apologize if my pictures look… off for a little while. My favorite lens met its maker on Christmas Eve. Well maybe not its maker, but at least the hardwood floor.

<<observed moment of silence>>

ANYHOO. The tart.

I’ve been wanting to try this tart dough recipe for a while now because who [...]

Betty Crocker Winner!

Yay for local girl Kira who said:

I love my mashed potatoes with lots and lots of blue cheese!

May I just say that I’ve never tried that? Definitely going to remedy that SOON. Kira, just email me your mailing info and I’ll forward it along to the My Blog [...]

Who wants potatoes?

Ohai. I dropped off the face of the earth for a little while, there.

Not really, but I did go to Disney World with a now-four (!) year old for his birthday.

Can I make it up to you with some goodies?

Betty Crocker sent me this pack through My Blog Spark and it’s pretty [...]

Taco sauce

I looked around at a lot of different taco sauce recipes and none of them seemed exactly right to me, so I kind of cobbled together my own according to what I had on hand. Very tasty! [...]