Chicken Française (lemon chicken)

This recipe originally came from here, but has lived in a binder in my kitchen for years now. This is good chicken. Man catching chicken even. It’s crispy and juicy and lemony and fabulous. I gave this recipe to my sister a few years back and she’s married now. SEE?? Try this: [...]

Chile-lime-tequila compound butter

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by the thought of making compound butter. It just sounded so…. complicated? Fancy? Something?

WELL. It turns out it’s just adding yummy flavors to something already yummy: butter. I can do that! The Yankee was making our traditional Sunday night steaks and wanted something to [...]

Key lime pie

This is the most popular AND the easiest dessert I make. Isn’t that a great combination? It’s the Yankee’s favorite and my daddy’s favorite, so this gets made a lot during the summer. And it’s crazy easy. This is the recipe my grandmother taught me:

You need:

24 [...]