Biscuit pudding

You know… like bread pudding, but biscuits? And OH MAH GAH this is amazing. This may be the ultimate comfort food. And yet another recipe that tastes a million times better than it looks.

See, my fabulous sister got me these books from Cades Cove, which is my most favorite place on earth. It’s [...]

Key lime amaretto sour

I discovered last night that sweet and sour cocktail mix is nothing more than simple syrup and citrus juice.

Are you all rolling your eyes at me? Seriously, I don’t know what I thought was in there, but I certainly didn’t realize it was so easy. Homemade sweet and sour mix! In seconds!

I decided [...]

Pioneer Woman chocolate sheet cake

It’s time to speak the truth about the Pioneer Woman:

She is out to make us all overdose on chocolate.

And I love her for it.

The Yankee bought me her cookbook for Christmas and it’s fantastic. This chocolate sheet cake (also on her site here) was the first recipe I tried out of the [...]

Homemade Irish cream

St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Why not celebrate with your own Irish cream? This is kind of cobbled together from a bunch of different recipes, adjusted for what sounded good to me.

I used:

1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 cup heavy cream 1 1/2 cups Irish whiskey 1 packet VIA instant [...]

Flourless Nutella cookies and crisps

I came across a Food & Wine recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies in The Tennessean over Christmas and jotted it down. Then I thought — hey! NUTELLA! Because, you know, it’s Nutella. How could it NOT be good?

Because these are flourless they crisp up a lot as they cool. You can control the [...]