Oven fries

McWho? These are great! Can you believe they’re not fried?

Here’s how to satisfy your french fry craving without gobbling trans fats:

All-oven method:

Slice a potato (or two — that above is actually just a half a potato) and let the slices soak in hot tap water for at least 20 minutes — [...]

Ice cream cone cupcakes

It’s another episode of cooking with kids!

With The Yankee out of town, I planned a weekend of all kids, all the time. These were made with help from The Kiddo, five year old twins and a nine year old. Woohoo! With all that “help” speed was off the essence. For this project we [...]

Happy birthday, Julia Child!

From this article, in response to the question, Do you think people have become afraid of food?

“Definitely. They’re afraid of it nutritionally. They’re afraid of fat. And they’re afraid of germs. Some people are just afraid to eat. They’ve lost the joy. Not me! I eat eggs all the time, but I’m very careful [...]

Garden update!

Remember this post?


Turned into this:

Pretty awesome, huh? And this is after I pulled a few things, too — like the green beans, which were taken over by ants. Grr. But I did get a bunch of them blanched and frozen first.

In my little 8×4′ garden I grew:

Brandywine tomatoes x2 Early [...]

Homemade corn tortillas

I have a new toy! After doing a few batches of flour tortillas rolled out by hand, I realized that, um, I’m not very good at rolling out an actual circle. I bought this cast iron tortilla press from Amazon and I love it! I went with cast iron rather than lighter weight aluminum because [...]