Ah, summer. Does it get prettier than this?

I picked these up over the weekend and just could not decide what to do with them. Strawberry scones? Strawberry shortcake? What about strawberry shortcake cookies?

Decisions, decisions.

In the end, I cut them up like this: And I ate them.

Every single one.

Salsa roja (roasted red salsa)

I eat a lot of salsa. A LOT. I am rather notorious for this, in fact. My friend’s boyfriend once innocently asked if I had anything he could snack on — maybe some chips and salsa? My friend nearly fell on the floor laughing at the thought of me not having chips and salsa [...]

Krispy Kreme bread pudding

With bathing suit season upon us, you may be thinking it’s time to lighten things up a bit. Try some grilled fish, some raw veggies, some fresh fruit.

Or you may be thinking that life is short, and you really should eat a big ol’ mess of Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

With an ingredient list [...]

Cheeseburger pie

We were drowning (drowning I say!) in frozen hamburger patties. And there are only so many burgers a girl can eat (no, really), so I decided to re-purpose some of the beef. And there was my big ol’ cast iron skillet, lying in neglect, not having been used since… um…. last night. [...]

Carrot Goodness Muffins

This is another one of my sneak-good-food-into-The-Kiddo recipes. It turns out, however, that my friend The Healthy Eater loves them too! They’re great for a quick, out-the-door breakfast on the go that doesn’t involve waiting in a fast food line, and keep you filled up till lunch. Yay for that! Adapted from here.

You will [...]