Sweet tea

I blame Ellie for this.

I saw a picture of sweet tea on her blog and oh my heavens… I don’t usually make sweet tea in the winter, so that picture was a clear sign to me that summer is here, and with it my favorite drink!

I’m the only sweet tea drinker in the house, so I make it in smaller portions. In a quart size Mason jar I put 1/2 cup sugar and one pitcher size tea bag, and fill it with cold water. Then the magic: set it in the sunshine!

I let it sit out there all day till the sugar is dissolved and the tea is nice and dark. I like it strong! Once the sun is down and it’s done, put it in the fridge to chill.

A word of caution: sun tea, I am told, can be a veritable welcome wagon to bacteria. As with everything, drink at your own risk. :)

If you’re in more of a hurry or are at all concerned about bacteria, just add boiling water to the mix and let the tea steep for 15 minutes.

For something a little different steep with a tea bag and a cinnamon stick.

Serve over lots of ice and add a slice of lemon if you like. Or lime! Or orange (great tip, Jerri — I forgot that one!). Nothing beats this on a hot summer day!

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